The Conference Library is a collection of resources, presentations, and handouts from past conferences. The Harvest Conference materials come first. The Spring Conference materials are organized by learning tracks—cooking, gardening, soils, etc.—as well as half-day and pre-conference workshops.

Past Conference Programs


Seasonal Tonics with Patricia Kyritsi Howell

BotanoLogos Book Shelf

Making Medicine Guidelines

Seasonal Tonic Recipes

Cherokee Foods with Amy Walker, Mary Crowe, and Tyson Sampson

Cherokee Foods Class Book List


The Sustainable Poultry Flock w/Jim Adkins

Seven Principles of Gardening Handout

Tending Your Inner Garden w/Monica Corrado

Four-Season Composting PowerPoint Presentation


Gardens that Give: Top 10 Essential Perennials with Keri Evjy

Perennial Vegetables Slides as a .pdf

Perennial Vegetables as a Powerpoint

Grow Year Round: Easy & Affordable Systems for Season Extension with Randal Pfleger

Season Extension Presentation as a .pdf

Backyard Composting Made Easy with Mark Langdon

Back-Yard Composting as a .pdf

The Best Berry: Is the One You Grow Yourself with Walter Harrill

Bramble Presentation as a Powerpoint

Bramble Presentation as a .pdf

Basic Beekeeping and Beyond with Jon Christie

A Beekeeper’s Year in Western North Carolina

Typical Flowering Season for Western North Carolina Honey and Pollen

Self Sufficiency? You Can Do It! with Chip Hope

Growing Towards Self-Sufficiency

Restoring Digestive Health with Lindsay Wilson

Notes on Restoring Digestive Health

5 Essential Staples with Diana Schmitt-McCall

Staples Recipes

Backyard Chickens with Dianne Palmer-Quay

2015 Backyard Chickens Powerpoint (ppt)

2015 Backyard Chickens Handout (pdf)


Organic No-Till Growing

Organic No-Till Urban Mini Farming

Gardening: Experienced

Resources from 2015 and Earlier

Micro-Hydro Electicity, Bob Momich

Ram Pump Technology, Bob Momich

Birds Eye Business Planning Worksheet

Plants That Are Poisonous to Livestock

Black Soldier Fly Workshop

Easy Kimchi at Home, Steven Michael Goff

Wonderful Winter Salads, Jason LaFrance

What To Do With All Those MushroomsRodney Webb

Pickles, Janelle Lucido-Conate

Garden Wine Making

Cooking With Local Mushrooms Organic Growers School Spring,  Diana Schmitt McCall

Growing Fruits and Nuts in your Home Garden, Chuck Marsh & Debbie Lienhart, Useful Plants Nursery

Perennial Plants for Health, Chip Hope

Shifting Gears to Year-Round Gardening, Jeff Ashton

Creative and Sustainable Garden Irrigation Resources

Light, Water, & Nutrient Requirements for Vegetables

Container Gardening

Backyard Weeds, Juliet Blankespoor

Herbal Medicine Cabinet, Janet Kent

Using Appalachian Herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Joe Hollis

Herbal Extractions and Preparations

Woodland Growing: Wasabi & ‘Wild Mountain Vegetables’, Joe Hollis

Basket Making, Louise Langsner

Miso Fermentation from OGS ’15

Willow Resources

THE PRINCIPLES OF PERMACULTURE, Bill Mollison & David Holmgren

Birds Eye Business Planning Worksheet

Community Scale Biochar

Basic Goat Meat Facts, NCCE, Jean-Marie Luginbuhl

Vaccinating Goats Against Enterotoxemia and Tetanus: Is It Necessary?, NCCE, Jean-Marie Luginbuhl & Kevin L. Anderson

Body Condition Scoring, NCSU, Jean-Marie Luginbuhl

Co-Grazing Meat Goats and Beef Cattle Has Many Advantages, Jean-Marie Luginbuhl

Low Cost Fixes to Decrease GIT Parasites, Jean-Marie Luginbuhl

Medications Commonly Used in GOATS and Withdrawal Times Dr. Seyedmehdi Mobini

Medications Commonly Used in NEW WORLD CAMELIDS, Dr. Jean-Marie Luginbuhl

Goat Dewormer Dosages

Incorporating Goats into your Farming System, part 1, Jean- Marie Luginbuhl

Incorporating Goats into your Farming System, part 2, Jean- Marie Luginbuhl

Incorporating Goats into your Farming System, part 3, Jean- Marie Luginbuhl

Incorporating Goats into your Farming System, part 4, Jean- Marie Luginbuhl

Low Cost Fixes to Decrease GIT Parasites, Jean-Marie Luginbuhl

Sheep Dewormer Dosages 3-3-2015

Sheep Dewormers – Withdrawal Times Table 3-3-2015