Gardens of Fairview 2017 Tour — Getting to Know Our Growers

As my AmeriCorps Project Conserve service with OGS winds down, I have a lot of fond memories of the food and farm folk I’ve met in the last eleven months. One such opportunity was the Gardens of Fairview Tour in June. The tour has grown beyond a focus on food security to include arts and crafts as well as presentations on community gardening, attracting butterflies, caring for bees, green building and permaculture, and year-round gardening. It’s a shared vision creating community around food and the places in which people grow it. Love it!

Food for Thought on Genetic Modification

Genetically modified foods and their implications is a hot topic these days--both in our regional community as well as globally. As concerned consumers it’s important to educate ourselves as these issues affect not only our health but have implications to...