Top Ten Best Pollinator Plants

Whether you’re a small-scale gardener or a large-scale farmer, there are steps you can take to support the lives of pollinators and increase the number of pollinators in your area. You can do this by making the decision to plant pollinator plants– plants that provide essential needs like habitat or nourishment to pollinators such as bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and others.

CRAFT Farmer Round Table – How to Not Spend Money

We asked CRAFT members to bring their percentage of expenses to gross income, then a further breakdown of expense categories as a percent of gross. Some useful categories we asked them to include were be labor, utilities, supplies, repairs, and any new projects or improvements. We also discussed how folks deal with large purchases (such as new equipment) when looking at their numbers. And lastly, how folks approach budgeting for the year.

Ben & Cedar of Goldfinch Gardens, our facilitators for the evening, shared with us a technique for thinking about expenses: If all of your expenses are a circle or “pie”, the whole pie represents the farm “gross income”, where as (ideally) half of the pie represents your expenses and profit (or “net income”). There was much discussion on on-farm income that is reflected in taxes, vs. the reality of on-farm income. The general theme of the night was that there’s a lot of ways to look at numbers, and the answer is to simplify. It was interesting to see how similar percentage of expenses vs. percentage of profit was for each of the farmers involved in the discussion. Read below for highlights. Some of the farmers present attended our Holistic Financial Planning Workshop earlier in the year, which very much added to our discussion.

Three Sisters: Communication, Community, Resiliency

From the natural landscape to the agricultural, human beings are a huge part of the picture. What can we learn from “the way things work?” If we are paying attention, if we look around us or are actively involved in the change that is such an inevitable part of life, the answer is community. Like the plant systems around us, we are gathering in symbiotic ways, drawn to the ecologies that best suit our particular needs. We long for connection, for the way in which that supports each of us as part of a “together.”

Is Your Lawn a Danger to Your Cat?

Blog Article by Jenny Holt A long time ago, for me anyway, I had a cat called Mr. Spot. He was a cheeky chap who loved nothing more than to explore house and neighborhood, to find new boxes to sleep in, and wildlife to hunt. However, one day he fell ill soon after we...

CRAFT Farmer Round Table – Rates and Techniques

At this WNC CRAFT Farmer Round Table on Rates & Techniques as asked members to bring their harvest, cultivation, and planting rates. To spark discussion on these questions, What do you think you do particularly efficiently? What is something you can’t quite figure out how to do faster?