Ask Ruth: Finding Neonicotinoid-Free Plants for Pollinator Gardens

Dear Ruth, I have heard neonicotinoids are bad for bees. What are neonicotinoids and how can I avoid buying plants that have been treated with them? Lucy Asheville, NC Dear Lucy, Pollinators are battling Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and a complex mix of issues. Neonicotinoids (a class of insecticides) are just ONE of the issues. […]

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Ask Tom: Spring Aphid Control with Beneficial Insects

Dear Tom – I seem to have trouble with aphids in cold frame crops in March and April each year. Do you have suggestions? Thanks Bill in Old Fort Dear Bill – Aphids are a pest for us too. We see them in early lettuce and on tomatoes in our heated greenhouse. On lettuce they […]

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tomato snack

Ask Tom: Tomatoes for Winter

Dear Tom, You sell a lot of tomatoes. How do you can them when so much is going on in the middle of the season? Paul in Pawpaw Dear Paul – I will leave to Extension the details of the canning process but I will be glad to share a few ideas that help us […]

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Ask Ruth: Why are My Blueberries Defoliating?

Dear Ruth, A question on my blueberry bushes.  I scratched in some Hollytone the other day as my bushes are forming tons of berries and then I watered well.  Now I have some dead branches and yellowed leaves and lots of leaves have fallen off?  I have completely bare branches with just berries on them.  What […]

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Women Grow

150 years ago 90% of the population farmed. The same industrial revolution that promised to “liberate” us from rural life and physical toil has created more problems than it has solved. Chemically-based methods, factory-farming, and GMO’s are compromising our health and environment. Additionally, the promise of mechanized agriculture to feed the world has fallen short. […]

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Wake up before it is too late: UNCTAD Report

The title is unexpected from a UN Report: “Wake up before it is too late: Make Agriculture Truly Sustainable Now for Food Security in a Changing Climate.” The Trade and Environment Report 2013 recommends significant and rapid change in our food and farming systems. Here is our take-away of the most salient points that are related […]

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The More I Garden, the More Questions I Raise

(or,  A Post-Pest Prayer:  Thank Heaven for Farmers!!!) I’m just learning how to rotate crops, but the bugs are masters of it.  First were cabbage worms and zebra caterpillars, big enough to see and capture easily; then came flea, Japanese and bean beetles, cutworms and harlequin bugs; then there were barely visible but voracious little […]

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Barriers to Cooking & Food Literacy

Two recent articles galvanized our thoughts on the issue of home-cooking. Is it worthwhile? Financially? Socially? Healthfully? Our facebook fans had some thoughtful things to say on this subject.   Let’s Stop Idealizing the Home-Cooked Family Dinner By Amanda Marcotte         ‘Slate’ Criticizes the ‘Home-Cooked Family Dinner': Joel Salatin Responds By Joel Salatin Our […]

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Women Farmers in the News

We’ve been tracking the articles lately on women in agriculture and compiling them here. Noticing a trend. Please feel free to add your thoughts below in the comments. Mother Nature’s Daughters By MICHAEL TORTORELLO,  New York Times, AUG. 27, 2014 Maggie Cheney, center, the director of farms and education for the food-access group EcoStation:NY, at the […]

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Harvest Conference Program

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