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Programs for Farmers

We are committed partners in rebuilding a path to organic agriculture for current farmers and investing in the next generation of farmers.

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Home Grower Resources

We envision a world where all people engage daily with real food. We support home growers to build the confidence, skill, and experience to GET GROWING!

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Living & Eating Organically

Raising awareness of organic and local food & products and encouraging the celebration of place, food, and health.

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Hands-on training.
By farmers, for farmers.

Online matching services
for farmers & farm workers.

Inspiring, educating, and supporting people to
farm, garden, and live organically.

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The Organic Growers School Blog

Your source for articles on growing and agriculture news, information about our programs and upcoming events, and tips and pointers for farmers, growers, homesteaders, and eaters of all shapes and sizes.

Ask Tom: Growing Lettuce in Summer

Lettuce is one of the top three vegetables that Americans consume (potatoes and tomatoes are the other two) and summer is salad season when no one wants to turn on the stove. Summer is also the most challenging time for lettuce production on our farm. This year has been particularly challenging with high temperatures and erratic rainfall.

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