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We’re reviewing our programmatic achievements this year. And wanting to thank all of your who donated to OGS. Your gifts and sponsorships have made all of this possible.
Farmer Training Good News:
The best news is that our Farm Beginnings Farmer Training program filled with 25 farmers from 16 farms from seven counties in Western NC. We even turned away some folks (to get some more experience) and have farmers on a wait list. The year-long, comprehensive farmer training program started this past weekend on October 15th.
New OGS Programs:
We launched two new online programs: Apprentice Link and OGS Farm Network.
Updates & Press:
Here are some of our press releases:
Farmer Programs:
Outreach Projects:
CRAFT tours from 2016:
Thanks for being more than a funding partner; a champion for sustainable agriculture, farmers, and home-growers in our region.
We appreciate you!
Lee Warren

Author: Lee Warren

Lee Warren has been homesteading and farming in cooperative community for more than 20 years. She is the Executive Director of Organic Growers School, which has been offering organic education to Southern Appalachia since 1993. She is the co-founder of Village Terraces CoHousing Community, a collaborative, off-grid neighborhood at Earthaven Ecovillage, and the manager of Imani Farm, a pasture-based cooperative farm. Lee is also an herbalist, writer, teacher, and food activist, with an avid interest in rural wisdom, sustainable economics, and social justice issues.

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