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 Organic Growers School is co-sponsoring the following events on Thursday, March 9, 2017 as part of the Annual Spring Conference.

National Young Farmers Coalition Gathering & Workshop

Title: Accessing Land to Farm: Strategies & Partners to Help You Succeed
Date: Thursday, March 9th, 2017
Time: 10am-4pm presentations and farm tour and 4pm-6pm networking and mixer
 Location: Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy Incubator Farm, 180 Mag Sluder Road, Alexander, NC 28701
 Registration: Registration is limited
Description: This free, full-day training is designed to provide beginning farmers with an overview of the partners, resources, and strategies involved in finding secure access to farmland. The training will include a farm tour of the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy incubator property and be followed by a farmer mixer. The training will feature presentations from multiple land access experts on:
  • Finding and evaluating land;
  • Land tenure models and options;
  • Partnering with land trusts;
  • Accessing and evaluating credit and capital; and,
  • Legal considerations, including writing strong lease agreements.
Sponsors: This workshop is made possible with generous support from the Cedar Tree Foundation and the UNFI Foundation.

Nutrient-Dense Foods Lecture with Dan Kittredge

Date: Thursday, March 9th, 2017
Time: 5-7pm
Location: Upstairs, above the store, French Broad Food Coop, 90 Biltmore Ave, Asheville, NC 28801
Registration: No Registration required.
Did you know that the iron content of one apple in 1950 is equivalent to twenty-six apples in 1998?
Quality food has flavor, aroma, a long shelf life, and when it rots, it dries out instead of molds.   Quality Food is nutritious with health and life giving attributes. These wonderful benefits happen because of healthy soil with an abundance of organic matter, which also serves for increased tolerance to extreme weather, improved yields, and lower disease and insect pressure.

Learn about ‘Quality Food,’ how to get it, and why it is important, with Dan Kittredge of the Bionutrient Food Association. He will discuss raising  nutrition standards in our food supply through collaboration with committed farmers, organizations and consumers. You will understand the concept of nutrient-dense food, production that is beneficial to the soil and human health, and how to support growers who are achieving high quality food.

Lee Warren

Author: Lee Warren

Lee Warren has been homesteading and farming for more than 25 years. She is the former Executive Director of Organic Growers School and the manager of Imani Farm, a pasture-based cooperative farm in Rutherford County, NC. Lee is also an herbalist, writer, teacher, and food activist, with an avid interest in rural wisdom, sustainable economics, and social justice issues.

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