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Bees are the main pollinators of most of the food we eat, and The US Department of Agriculture estimates that there will not be enough bees to pollinate the blueberry, avocado, and apple crops this season. Have you heard that one of the main causes of our bee problems is the wide use of pesticides, particularly, neonicotinoids, which are used on lawns, landscaping, golf courses, and in pet care products? Did you know that organic gardening is a great way for you to help the bees? Come to this class to learn about creating a pollinator friendly habitat in your own yard that buzzes with bees and butterflies.

July 17th, 7-9pm at the Woodfin YMCA
40 N. Merrimon Ave. Asheville NC 28804

No advance sign up necessary,
Suggested $10 donation to support Organic Growers School.
See you there!


Author: OGS

Organic Growers School is a non-profit organization providing organic education since 1993. Our mission is to inspire, educate, and support people in our region to farm, garden, and live organically.

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