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Purchase access to the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Market only. This includes full weekend access to the Market, MOTHER EARTH NEWS bookstore, and workshops on the MOTHER EARTH NEWS and Healing Community track stages.

This ticket will NOT grant you access to the rest of the conference weekend activities. You may upgrade your registration at any time to include the rest of the conference at a discount via the coupon code in your confirmation email (received after you complete your registration). 

Note: If you are registering for more than one person, please fill out the form separately for each individual.


Author: Avi

Avi is the Program Coordinator at OGS. She earned a Bachelor’s of Arts and Science in Sustainability from McGill University, and has been exploring the overlapping worlds of activism, justice, and resilience since then. They spent the past two and a half years working at the Environmental Law Institute in DC conducting research on issues ranging from conflict sensitivity in environmental programming to incentivizing nature-based disaster mitigation, and serving in a coordination and facilitation for various educational programs. Outside of work, she has pursued local climate, racial and economic justice organizing and activism, and seeks to understand how farming and home growing can be employed as wedges in those struggles. Avi is enamored with fungi and enchanted by their powers to heal our bodies, our communities, and the land and water on which we depend.

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