CRAFT Tour – July 25, 2021

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No Till Techniques on a Vegetable Farm with A Way of Life Farm
Sara Jane and Jamie Davis have been farming at A Way of Life Farm for 12 years.  They’ll be sharing their experiences growing organic vegetables intensively on 2 acres— no till since 2016.  Techniques they will discuss include occultation, solarization, deep mulching with compost, incorporating cover crops, managing crop and cover crop residue, intercropping, no-till-appropriate tools, and more.

Note: Registration is capped at 15 for this event.

Author: Carrie Moran

Carrie Moran is the Director of Systems & Communications. They hold a Masters of Library and Information Science from Drexel University, and their professional background is in the world of academic libraries. During their library career, they focused on using empathetic user experience design methods to create safe spaces for people to learn, both in person and online. In addition to their work at OGS, they are a co-owner of Harmonize Your Health, a holistic wellness company whose mission is to introduce their community and clients to a variety of healing modalities that are aligned with respect for our bodies and this beautiful planet we live on.


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