2023 CRAFT Farm Tour – Lambing – March 19th

CRAFT Farm Tour - Lambing at Black Thorn Farm & Kitchen

Date & Location: March 19, 2023 from 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm at Black Thorn Farm & Kitchen

Black Thorn Farm & Kitchen is a grass-based farm in the beautiful mountains of Big Sandy Mush (near Asheville, NC).

The tour will be focused entirely on our lambing season management systems and will cover lots of topics including breeding/lambing seasonal timing, health needs of bred ewes and postpartum ewes and lambs, shepherding supplies for lambing season, design/flow options for lambing locations including considerations of lambing on pasture v. under cover, identification systems like tagging, problem solving the most common complications that can arise and lots of other special considerations of lambing season (there are so many!). We really want to offer helpful info for folks so this won't just be a 'come and looksy' type of tour but hopefully a real 'learning tour'. We will draw on our 14 years of lambing seasons experience: we started small with 2 lambs born the first season and this year we will welcome approximately 55 lambs...everything that has happened in between has brought us rewarding and humbling learning experiences!

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