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Organic Growers School is pleased to announce our new fall class series, Conference Encores. Revisit some of your favorite gardening and homesteading classes from the Annual Spring Conference, designed to get you inspired to plan or expand your garden for next spring.

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Class Series 1, Saturday, October 26
Class Series 2, Saturday, November 2
Class Series 3, Saturday, November 9

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Organic Growers School CONFERENCE ENCORE Series

Held on 3 consecutive Saturdays, October 26, November 2, & November 9 at UNCA
Attend one class, attend for the entire day, or attend the entire series – Your choice!

Room 125, Rhodes/Robinson, at UNCA

9am-10:30am Session 1:
Unusual Workhorse Cover Crops for Gardeners Pat Battle, Living Web Farms
Still can’t find the perfect cover crop for your small space? Pat Battle will introduce you to some covers you’ve never tried, including fava beans, lablab, and more. Learn the unique benefits of these workhorse plants, including food uses, soil enhancements, and pest management.

11am-12:30pm Session 2:
Growing Great Garlic Anne Grier, Gaining Ground Farm
Fall is the time to plant your garlic! Growing garlic in your garden can be easy and gratifying. This class covers all the basics of growing garlic, including choosing varieties, preparing beds, planting, mulching, overwintering, harvesting and drying, and saving your own seed garlic.

2pm-3:30pm Session 3
Introduction to Raising Chickens in the City Cathy Williams, Asheville City Chickens
Join Cathy for a discussion of sustainable, humane chicken rearing in an urban setting. She’ll cover breeds, city laws, coop design, and feed considerations for a happy, healthy small flock. Participants will receive a list of local resources and suppliers.

4pm-5:30pm Session 4
Appalachian Wild Medicinal Plants Dave Meesters, Medicine County Herbs
Learn the medicinal uses of seven common wild plants from our incredibly rich bioregion, as well as identification, wildcrafting, and medicine-making tips.

Room 125, Rhodes/Robinson, at UNCA

9am-10:30am Session 1
Urban Permaculture in Action: An Introduction To Backyard Micro-Farming Zev Friedman, Living Systems Design
Bringing fresh practical techniques for veterans and a strong infusion of permaculture thinking for newcomers, Zev has spun a yarn out of photographs, a short video documentary, and real living examples of how our urban culture is growing a post-petroleum economy by seed and deed. You’ll leave with tangible next steps for getting involved in your own life, and a sense of purpose and connection to go home with.

11am-12:30pm Session 2
Herbs for Mental Health Janet Kent, Medicine County Herbs
This class provides an introduction to herbal approaches for supporting mental health. We will cover specific herbs for conditions with special emphasis on cultivation and self-care.

2pm-3:30 pm Session 3
Soil Nutrient Management for the Garden and Small Farm Franklin Sides, The Lord’s Acre
Come learn to preserve and cycle nutrients on the farm and in the garden, gain an understanding of nutrient forms, and learn about proper quantity, placement, and timing. Learn why composting and cover crops are such an important part of the yearly cycle.

4pm-5:30pm Session 4
Introduction to Backyard Fungal Farming Rodney Webb, Salamander Springs Farm
Harness the power of decaying plants to produce food in the form of mushrooms! Inoculation methods, harvesting, pest management, storage and drying will be covered, with a primary emphasis on shitake and oyster mushrooms.

Room 014, Zeis, at UNCA

9am-10:30pm Session 1
Homesteading 101 Bob & Pat Momich, Arrowwood Farm
Over thirty years ago, we decided to live simply and assume some control over our food, water, and power. In this session we will share how we achieved our goal and how you can do it too.

11am-12:30pm Session 2
Herbs for The Immune System Juliet Blankespoor, Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine
Learn about tonic herbs, prepared as teas, syrups, and soup, which support us in staying healthy. We will also cover immunostimulating and anti-microbial herbs, and how they help in overcoming infection.

2:00pm-3:30pm Session 3
Planning for Your First Vegetable Garden Elizabeth Ayers, NC Cooperative Extension
This session will cover things you need to know when starting your first vegetable garden. Elizabeth will discuss site selection, soil preparation, what to plant when, and how to grow some of your favorite vegetables.

4:00pm-5:30pm Session 4
Intro to Bird Language Clint Corley & Luke Cannon, Forest Floor Wilderness Programs
Come learn how amazing our avian neighbors are. Class will include how to understand and interpret various songs, calls, and behaviors of birds, as well as awesome facts about bird natural history and physiology.


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