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soilBetter Soil Ecology for Better Farming

with Elaine Ingham
WHEN: 1:30 PM – 7:00 PM · Friday, March 6th
LOCATION: Living Web Farm, Mills River, NC
COST: with Conference Registration: $35 without Conference Registration: $50

Spend the afternoon with world-renowned soil biologist Elaine Ingham who will address salient, real-life examples of soil dynamism and instructions on how to fine tune soil nutrients for specific crops. Ingham will speak and tour Living Web Farms’ forced-air compost bins and compost tea operations in addition to the intensively cropped, no-till vegetable operation. Participants will hear stories about farmers who are suppressing weeds with proper soil biology as well as those using compost tea and microbe-rich methods to increase yields and suppress diseases.

Beyond the Backyard: Raising Poultry in a Sustainable Way!

with Jim Adkins, Steve Pope, & Nathan Freeman, Sustainable Poultry Networkchick
WHEN: 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM · Friday, March 6th
LOCATION: Franny’s Farm, Leicester, NC
COST: with Conference Registration: $35, without Conference Registration: $50

Learn to raise your own poultry flock at Franny’s Farm where the entire process happens: breeding, hatching, growing, butchering and marketing! The class will cover everything you need to know including: identify the poultry breed that best suits your farm; learn how to brood, properly feed & grow poultry, basic husbandry, disease control, and also the basics of processing & cooking. Join these sustainable poultry specialists for the A-Z of homestead chicken farming and you’ll be off and running in no time.



Author: OGS

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