If you’re starting or expanding your farm business, we offer a path to success through training, networking, and support.

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We provide you with quality gardening education, ideas for inspiration, and connections to other growers in Western NC.

Our classes, workshops, and services will inspire you, build your confidence, and support you in creating your sustainable life.

Learn to farm, garden, and live organically through our hands-on training, workshops, conferences, and partnerships.

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Honestly, Farm Beginnings has changed my life for the better. I am leaving the course with functional knowledge of farm business, a wealth of resources, and direction for my life. I can’t thank you all enough.
Farm Beginnings Participant

I can’t fully express my appreciation for the passion conveyed in the [Spring] Gardening series. Especially regarding the creation of a healthy, vibrant earth through gardening and by redefining our relationship with nature/soil. Thank you, thank you.

Spring Gardening Participant

I love the OGS Spring Conference. Thank you all for your hard work to make it happen. I look forward to it every year and always come away inspired and ready to keep working!

Spring Conference Participant

What I love most about CRAFT is the networking with other farmers and visiting working farms. The sharing of information between farmers is like in no other industry. In farming, it seems, competitiveness turns into collaboration and cooperation.

CRAFT Participant

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Ask Tom: Repairing a Snow-Damaged Greenhouse

Ask Tom: Repairing a Snow-Damaged Greenhouse

Ask Tom – My greenhouse collapsed under the recent snow and the Quonset shape now looks more like a capital “M”. Any suggestions on repairs? -Perplexed Grower Dear Perplexed Grower – I’ve seen poly houses collapse or blow away on several occasions. Each time they have...

Ask Ruth: Types of Seeds

Ask Ruth: Types of Seeds

Dear Ruth, I am planning this year’s garden and want to buy my seeds. Can you explain the different seed types? Roy H. Asheville, NC Dear Roy, Buying your garden seed is the perfect way to dispel the winter blues, and encourage an optimistic frame of mind! When...

Ask Tom: Repairing a Snow-Damaged Greenhouse

Ask Tom: Chicken Housing for Beginners

Tom, We want to raise chickens for home use and possibly for sale. What sort of structure do you suggest to house them? --New to the Game Dear New, We do not raise livestock so I will offer a few leads and call on Meredith McKissick, the OGS Director for grower...

Ask Ruth: Types of Seeds

Ask Ruth: Garlic Planting

Dear Ruth, I heard that the time to plant garlic is in the fall. If that’s true, how do I plant it? Roger Asheville, NC     Dear Roger, I planted a number of different garlic cultivars last fall. It was quite a thrill to harvest three different kinds of...

Ask Tom: Repairing a Snow-Damaged Greenhouse

Ask Tom: The Importance of Soil Testing

Tom – How important are soil tests for organic farms? -Bill Bill – We take about twenty soil samples on our farm each year – ideally in late summer or early fall. In some ways soil samples are even more important for organic farmers because our supplements tend to...

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