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Big news! Did you hear? Jurors just awarded $289 million to a plaintiff dying of cancer. Lawyers proved that Monsanto is guilty of lying about the safety of their herbicide product Roundup by failing to warn users of all of its dangers.

This landmark ruling—and the 4,000+ other lawsuits lined up against Monsanto—may bring the agrochemical giant crashing down. Eventually. Still, I am concerned for the creatures impacted NOW.

All of us have constant, unavoidable exposure to glyphosate, the main ingredient in the Monsanto Roundup product line. It is proving to be everywhere—in non-organic food, airborne drift, roadside spraying, contaminated water, and even organic food and wine. This chemical has been revealed in the cells of every person tested. In fact, Cheerios™, the favorite children’s food, contains glyphosate at hundreds of times the limit considered safe by the EPA.

Glyphosate is a patented weed killer which science is showing to have a detrimental effect on all living things that come in contact with it. This killer chemical agent acts as both a mineral chelator AND antibiotic, and the results are that it damages the microbial soil community to favor disease organisms. In the human body, among other negative effects, it is believed to significantly damage the gut microbiome.

Overall health is in large degree determined by the integrity and vitality of gut health. Our guts facilitate nutrient absorption, initiate over 70% of our immune response, create hormones such as serotonin, and much more. Toxins and damaged microbiomes lead to “leaky gut,” a condition that lets particles of food through that are too big to be used by our cells. Our immune system must eliminate these chunks, causing inflammatory reactions, food allergies, and other detrimental conditions.

So how can we protect ourselves from this toxic chemical and remain healthy or regain lost ground?


1. Grow, buy and eat organic as much as possible

What you eat is either a deposit towards health, or a withdrawal from health. Less personal exposure is certainly helpful, and the more we support organic farmers, the less of the planet is sprayed with this and other toxins. This will help not just humans, but all life on the planet.


2. Avoid buying and using glyphosate-based weed killers or other toxic weed killers

A safer home alternative that works in many cases is agricultural-grade vinegar. Cultivation techniques and timing are essential. Keeping soil free of seed-laden weeds is very helpful. Research organic weed control online for specific weeds.


3. Learn everything you can about gut health

…including how to use nourishing foods to support your digestive health, thereby eliminating and protecting against disease. OGS is hosting a 2-day workshop (Sept 7–8, 2018) on gut health called “Tending Your Inner Garden” with  Monica CorradoIn this immersive workshop, you will learn how to support your gut health by 1) eating probiotic and pre-biotic rich foods such as fermented dairy and veggies; 2) preparing grains, nuts, seeds, and beans properly so they are digestible; and 3) cooking bone and meat stocks for repairing the gut.


4. Detox your body on a regular basis

I was personally very resistant to the harsh methods often advocated for detoxing and once had an unpleasant experience with a gallbladder “cleanse.” Now, gentle daily detox through nourishment and supplementation such as with green drinks that include spirulina and chlorella, tart cherry, etc., is my chosen path. Sweating is another pathway for detox—think sauna. A concentrated detox period where you deeply nourish while giving your body a break from less than healthy habits can flush out a lot of toxins. Caution: toxins need to be “escorted” out so they don’t just re-absorb, and quick detox can produce intense reactions.

Get Glyphosate Out of Your System

Mollie’s favorite detox product is excellent at “escorting” toxins out of the body. Biome Medic is the only thing on the market proven to remove glyphosate from humans to the tune of 74% reduction in 6 weeks with no change in diet, and includes powerful pre- and pro-biotics for gut support. She has used it as part of 2 programs (40 day and 10 day) that has have done several times with lasting improvements in health.

Luckily, Organic Growers School (OGS) has a discount code to give to anyone who wants to try this product or anything else on the company’s website. As a support for the grassroots work in educating organic growers, the manufacturer is donating 20–25% back to OGS for any orders made with the code. 

Save $50 or more on your first purchase at ishoppurium.com with our discount code: OGS20.

Minimum order is $75! and orders of $200 or more get 25% off retail!

Though it is likely that Monsanto will appeal the Friday, Aug. 10 ruling and will tie up the issue in court while continuing to promote and spread their poison, we do not have to wait to do something about it. Spread the word about the toxicity AND the criminal deception, as well as the solutions to exposure. Be sure to buy local, organic products. When you vote with your dollars, you tell the marketplace what you want the world to look like. Let’s create the wonderful world we envision.

I wonder what my Roundup-spraying Dad will think when he realizes that he has been sold a jug of lies regarding the safety of glyphosate. Will he will take the simple steps to get this chemical out of his body and protect his health? Here’s hoping that this ruling wakes him up, that he starts reusing organic methods and eating organic food. He is the one who taught me organic gardening in the first place. I hope to return the favor by discussing the serious issues brought up by this lawsuit as well as the solutions at hand.

If you believe you’ve been hurt by glyphosate or other Monsanto products, please see these details about the thousands of lawsuits in the works. 



Author: OGS

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