Organic Living

“We do not inherit the planet from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

Native American Saying


Organic Living refers to making life choices that are healthy for people, communities, and the planet. If you’ve heard about climate change, soil erosion, the declining health of our nation’s people, toxins in the food supply, or any other alarming news stories that are making you think more critically about current events and your lifestyle, OGS can help!

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March 13-21, 2021  •  Online

The Spring Conference is a one-of-a-kind event that offers regionally specific workshops on organic growing and sustainable living. We will open registration and publish the 2021 schedule, class and workshop descriptions, and instructor bios in mid-December 2020.

Find Organic Food

Organic Growers School is dedicated to providing information on conscientiously grown food in the WNC region. To be included in this listing, Organic Growers School has vetted each farm to determine that they are 1) actively engaged in the local community and 2) using organic and/or sustainable production methods. Organic Certification is not required, but we ask that farms and farmers are “in-the-know” and conscientiously practicing organic standards.

Begin searching for fresh local food by entering a keyword or filtering by products produced!

Organic Growers School: Sustainability Consulting

Consulting Services

Available Year-Round

OGS offers a variety of consulting services with hourly follow-up support and reduced fees available, including 1) assessment of land that you own or want to purchase; 2) assessment of your farm, garden, or homestead; and 3) guidance for your land-based project.

Help create a thriving food & farming community.
Your donations help fund scholarships and programs for farmers.

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2020 Harvest Conference Press Release

Organic Growers School Moves to Online Programming for 2020, Hosts the 7th Annual Harvest Conference   Asheville, NC— Organic Growers School (OGS), an Asheville-based 501c3 nonprofit offering affordable classes on organic growing and sustainable living, has...

Why OGS is “Getting Political”

Why OGS is “Getting Political”

Our Black Lives Matter Message We’ve had some responses about our Black Lives Matter message, and in the spirit of education we would like to share the most common one. This question has come from a handful of people in various iterations; unsubscribing from our...

New Leadership at OGS

New Leadership at OGS

Facing a Leadership Change The staff of OGS is facing an internal restructure as a result of a big leadership change. As the Executive Director of OGS for the last 6.5 years, my leaving the organization in June of 2020 has created a leadership hole that needs to be...

BIPOC-led Organizations to give to in NC

BIPOC-led Organizations to give to in NC

We want to amplify the work of BIPOC-led organizations and businesses across our region, and ask for you to support them with your attention and money. During this time, it is NOT helpful to ask people of color what they need or how you can help. Direct financial...