Organic Living

“We do not inherit the planet from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

Native American Saying


Organic Living refers to making life choices that are healthy for people, communities, and the planet. If you’ve heard about climate change, soil erosion, the declining health of our nation’s people, toxins in the food supply, or any other alarming news stories that are making you think more critically about current events and your lifestyle, OGS can help!

  • Come to the OGS annual Spring Conference which includes hundreds of classes on sustainable living.
  • Our programs for organic living education are evolving, and most of our education is web based at this time. Browse our Glossary of Terms or read A Brief Discussion on GMO’s, for easy access to answers on your most pressing food and lifestyle questions, and how you can get started on a healthier path toward organic living.
  • Find a farmers market near you with our county-by-county list of tailgate markets.
  • Up & Coming: OGS is constantly expanding programs and seeking funding to provide additional education on organic living. View our 2013–2016 Strategic Plan to see our targeted objectives in this area over the next five years. Consider a donation to ensure our continued success.