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Organic Growers School is committed to building a vibrant, resilient network of sustainable farms throughout the Southern Appalachian region. In this blog, we wanted to feature two of the farms in our network: Organically Roland & Soulfull Simone Farm.

Organically Roland

jason & ami roland
jason roland butterflies

Farmers: Jason & Ami Roland

Location: Lexington, South Carolina

Years Farming: 10

Something new you learned about farming in 2020: Each and every single day, the soil provides what we need, no matter the circumstances of modernity. During the darkest, coldest, hottest, downpour and all negative permutations, if we plant seeds, they will grow, and we will reap.

Something you hope to learn about farming in 2021: For me, I am already learning it. Each season of each year, there is a new teacher. New challenges and obstacles to face, and I welcome them. No matter how dialed in you have a system or how much you think you know about a crop, there is ALWAYS more to learn, more to gain, and more to love about growing amazing organic goodness.

Favorite crop to grow: Sunchokes/Jerusalem Artichokes

Favorite crop to eat: Spinach!

The animals of the Organically Roland Farm: Meatball, Titus & Daisy

meatball the dog
titus the cat
daisy the dog

Soulfull Simone Farm

tamarya sims and dog peanut

Tamarya & her dog Peanut
Photo Credit: Georgia Cole

Farmer: 2021 Emerging Organic Educator Tamarya Sims

Location: Asheville, NC

Years Farming: 2

Something new you learned about farming in 2020: Biointensive growing/farming

Something you hope to learn about farming in 2021: more about successfully growing flowers and herbs

Favorite crop to grow: lemon balm – carrots/brassicas

Favorite crop to eat: lemon balm as tea – collards/sweet potatoes

Are you a farmer? Are you someone who dreams of owning a farm someday? OGS has a variety of programs for every stage in your journey. 

Farm Dreams – If you’re in the exploratory stages of starting your own farm, this entry-level workshop is designed just for you.

Farm Beginnings® Year-Long Farmer Training – a 200+ hour comprehensive training, networking, and mentoring program led by farmers in around the Southern Appalachian community. The program will help you build the skills to start and expand your own successful farm business through coursework, conferences, farm tours, and one-on-one mentorship.

Apprentice Link – Apprentice Link connects people who are serious about learning sustainable farming with farmers who are willing to teach them in an apprenticeship setting.

CRAFT Farmer Network – WNC Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training (CRAFT) is a farmer-led effort to bring established farmers, farm apprentices, and aspiring farmers together for year-long training in the art and science of sustainable agriculture.

Mentor Services – supports beginning and intermediate farmers by partnering them with experienced regional farmers who can provide them with one-on-one practical planning skills in the areas of farm design and production, marketing and business development, systems management, and connect them to the regional farming community.

Holistic Crop Management – In this workshop series, growers across Southern Appalachia will gain tools to manage their crop production for whole-farm success. 

Journeyperson Program – The program is designed for farmers who have been independently farming for 3 or more years and are serious about operating their farm business.

Ready to start learning now?

Jason Roland was a speaker at this year’s 28th Annual Spring Conference & conference recordings are available for purchase.

You can access the content through September 15, 2021!

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