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OGS is seeking an AmeriCorp volunteer as a part of Project Conserve, find the details here!

Organic Growers School is the premier provider of practical organic education in the Southern Appalachians. We are building a mutually supportive network of prosperous farmers, productive gardeners and informed consumers engaged in creating healthy communities.

The Program & Outreach Coordinator serves as the education and public awareness specialist for our Get Growing program in Western NC. The purpose of this position is to increase the number of people who are successfully growing organically on a home scale and to increase public and community support for home and community-garden growing. In an effort to promote both personal food security and robust community resilience, the Service Member will host educational events designed to educate, inspire, and support the average person to reengage with growing and to repopulate their daily lives with home-grown food. In addition, the Service Member will develop a public awareness campaign along the lines of the “Victory Garden” movement to establish WNC as a region committed to regional food systems, small-scale sustainable agriculture, and a food- and growing-literate population.


Ella McCoy

Author: Ella McCoy

Ella McCoy is a graduate of Appalachian State University’s MBA program and a native of Western North Carolina. She grew up reluctantly helping in her family’s garden and was as surprised as everyone else when she developed a passion for food advocacy and farming, while interning with Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture. Since moving to Asheville, Ella has been involved with the Grace Presbyterian Community Garden, OGS, F.E.A.S.T, and as an “unpaid intern” at her partner’s farm. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, beekeeping, photography, and as much reading as possible.

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