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Saturday, March 7, 2015 · 7:30 PMElaine_Ingham
Lipinsky Auditorium · UNCA Campus · Asheville, NC

Science created industrial agriculture with the hope of feeding the world. Yet as we review the mounting evidence, we find that this approach has had catastrophic effects. Holistic land management is proving itself to be the solution to our current environmental, social, and economic crises. As land stewards, we are faced with a dilemma: how can we reconcile science with alternative management? And how can we use science to come up with restorative solutions? In this address, internationally-acclaimed soil biologist Dr. Elaine Ingham will tackle these questions from personal experience as she reflects on her career, her current research, and her outlook for the future.

Dr. Elaine Ingham is a world-renowned soil microbiologist and founder and president of Soil Foodweb, Inc., an organization that helps farmers all over the world grow more resilient crops by understanding and improving soil life. For the last 30 years Dr. Ingham has focused on the soil and its living organisms and providing sustainable solutions for maintaining soil health. She shares her knowledge in an easy to understand way and has worked with everyone from vegetable farmers, to cattle graziers, to nursery operators. Dr. Ingham earned her PhD from Colorado State University in 1981.

Gypsy Queen and Taste & See will be available on campus with a variety of dinner options from 6:00 PM -7:30 PM. We will also be hosting a social hour with drinks and snacks for connection, networking, and fun. No need to leave before the keynote. Classes end at 5:30 PM, and Keynote begins at 7:30 PM.

You may purchase a stand-alone keynote registration for $20 or combine it with your spring conference registration for $12. If we are not sold out, registration for both the weekend and the keynote will be available at the door.

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Meredith Leigh

Author: Meredith Leigh

Meredith Leigh is a die-hard advocate for good food. As a farmer, founder of a butcher shop/restaurant, and writer, she has worked on many angles of real food for over a decade. She currently teaches farming and cooking classes, consults for food and agriculture non-profits, and is writing a book about meat. Meredith has been the Program Coordinator for the Organic Growers School (OGS) Spring Conference since 2006 and was the Director and then the Executive Director of OGS for 10 years.

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