Winter has arrived in the Southern Appalachian region. The morning earth is often covered in frost, and the days are still short. Winter is the perfect time for learning and deepening your knowledge. We have a host of wonderful learning opportunities coming up for you this winter.

Gaelan, farmer at Green Toe Ground on the tractor in the snow.


Farm Dreams

January 30th and February 20th

If you’re in the exploratory stages of starting your own farm, this entry-level workshop is designed just for you. You will receive practical, common-sense information on sustainable farming and how to move forward.


Homestead Dreams

February 27th

Homestead Dreams is an entry-level workshop designed to help you incorporate small-scale sustainability and self-sufficiency into your life. Whether you own or rent a home, or live in a rural or urban setting, you can move towards self-reliance now.


Spring Conference

March 13 – 21st

The Spring Conference is a one-of-a-kind event that offers workshops on organic growing and sustainable living. Our mission is to provide down-to-earth, practical advice while remaining affordable and accessible.

This year we are going virtual and the conference will be accessible to more people than ever before!  Attendees will learn how to farm, garden and live organically through 11 tracks and more than 30 workshops.


Holistic Crop Management

March 27 – April 23rd

Growing a viable farm business is sustained by continuous learning of the land and your products. In this workshop series, growers across Southern Appalachia and beyond will gain tools to manage their crop production for whole-farm success. 


Cuba Agroecology Tour

June 22 – July 1

Take a tour of Cuba’s sustainable farms. Learn from farmers and food activists about Cuba’s transition to agroecological farming practices and its national policies that prioritize sustainable farming and hunger remediation.

Connect with farmers, consumers, activists, NGOs, policymakers, and experts working to transform the global food system. Acquire the knowledge and strategies to create just, sustainable, local, and healthy food systems in your own communities.

Author: Carrie Moran

Carrie Moran is the Director of Systems & Communications. They hold a Masters of Library and Information Science from Drexel University, and their professional background is in the world of academic libraries. During their library career, they focused on using empathetic user experience design methods to create safe spaces for people to learn, both in person and online. In addition to their work at OGS, they are a co-owner of Harmonize Your Health, a holistic wellness company whose mission is to introduce their community and clients to a variety of healing modalities that are aligned with respect for our bodies and this beautiful planet we live on.