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Blog Article by Jenny Holt

A long time ago, for me anyway, I had a cat called Mr. Spot. He was a cheeky chap who loved nothing more than to explore house and neighborhood, to find new boxes to sleep in, and wildlife to hunt.

However, one day he fell ill soon after we moved to a new home with our first real garden. He first started to drool and then suffered from diarrhoea. Soon we realized that it was the fertilizers and pesticides we’d used to make the perfect, most greenest of lawns, which had caused the problem. In changing how we looked after our lawn, we were able to nurse Mr. Spot back to good health before it went too far.

Cats show several signs of illness if poisoned by fertilizers and pesticides, these include:

  • Drooling

  • Diarrhoea

  • Vomiting

  • Nausea

  • Discoloured Gums

  • Breathing Problems

This can lead to kidney problems as well as liver failure and muscle issues. Long term, toxic poisoning can prove fatal.

You can avoid these health risks by removing these toxic products from your lawn. It is more than possible to use composting, grass cuttings, and so on to nurture a good, green lawn. Furthermore, talk to neighbors about this too, many might have cats or might be unwittingly harming them.

Jenny Holt

Author: Jenny Holt

Jennifer Holt is a freelance writer and mother of two, who loves nothing more than to play, “where has the cat hidden itself now.”

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