Now more than ever we are at a point where homesteading seems so applicable for day to day life, given the fact that we are home more than ever.

Being that we are in this current space it has opened the opportunity for us to all think more about the kind of lives we want to live, and decide whether or not it’s responsible and sustainable to keep living the way we are.

With methane gases on the rise we know a simple solution would be to eat less meat, and compost our food scraps, right? Or build a chicken coop in the backyard and start a massive garden to sustain you and your family so grocery trips come to a holt, therefore helping cut down on the ever-rising levels of fossil fuels.  This all sounds AMAZING! But to be completely honest its not that easy for some of us to make such major strides so abruptly. We are at a point in society where talking about action is one thing, but executing a plan is another. No one could have ever known that 2020 would have turned out that way it has. Food shortages, a shifty virus, and little to no leadership from the oval office. Granted the year is not over, and mother earth is really showing us the damage that has been done over the last 400 years or so.

Living in a time of uncertainty people are diverting back to “homestead” practices ie: farming/gardening, raising animals, and practicing more sustainable ways of life. We know that this is not a new idea by any means, but it makes you wonder if this was our destiny from the being.
Living a simple life and taking care of the land should have always been our first priority. But now we pick up the pieces that are left from our ancestors, and find where we fit in this movement of sustainable living and going back to the basics. Homestead dreams has become a premier way to figure out where you fit in this movement of healing the earth, and how to plan out your personal organic growing journey.

We can think of the word “Homesteading” more as a spectrum than a title. The traditional idea of “Homesteading” was to simply take unclaimed land as your own and make a life for yourself. We now know and understand that this was stealing and unfair to indigenous people and animals that occupied the land before us. Today, homesteading is more about righting our wrongs and taking care of the earth and space you occupy in that moment, while planning how you can grow organically and sustainably without further depleting soil quality. Homesteading is inspiring others to live simply, by cultivating home grown food, and finding ways to become a more self-sufficient human being. Homesteading is the manifestation of all things good in this world. It allows us to set side discomfort, and seeks out the primitive action of cultivating life.

Author: Angel Lunn