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After a long season of marketing, 2017 is wrapping up! Most of our regional markets stop for a few months and don’t start back up til early April. Some farmers continue to do winter markets (Asheville City Market and the YMCA in Woodwin), but many take the few months off to rest, plan and have a full two day weekend!  This past week, as a vendor of the North Asheville Tailgate Market, I took some time to visit other farm stands and appreciate what they bring after Thanksgiving for our Holiday markets. While I didn’t get around to everyone and, since it was super busy, I didn’t get to take pictures of it all, but I wanted to share and appreciate the creativity and business ingenuity of our farmers, who grow way more than vegetables, meat and fruit!!!

Full Sun Farm had their honey, dried popcorn on the cob, amaryllis bulbs starting to grow, plus an abundance of produce,


Gaining Ground Farm had a plethora of produce in addition to dried flower swags and evergreen wreaths, one of which included a bird nest!

Green Toe Ground Farm had a bounty of produce, in addition to dried flower wreaths, dried bouquets and a variety of wool rugs, spun wool and knitted items that their mother in law contributed to the stand made from the flock of sheep at Green Toe.

All of these farms, plus many others such as East Fork Farm, McConnell Farms, Flying Cloud Farm, Hickory Nut Gap, Sleight Family Farm, Ten Mile, Paper Crane, Aardvark, Blue Meadow Farm, Fiddler’s Green, Red Moon Herbs show up each week, regardless of weather to share their bounty and products. After 8 months, it can get tiring, but at the end of the year, they show up with even more, showing the deep dedication and creativity that our regional farms offer. We thank you!

Nicole DelCogliano

Author: Nicole DelCogliano

Nicole DelCogliano is Farmer Program Coordinator at OGS. She teaches the year long Farm Beginnings program to new and beginning farmers. She also farms in Yancey County with her husband, at Green Toe Ground farm.

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