Typically celebrated on the last Tuesday of November, GivingTuesday is an annual event that encourages everyone to show gratitude, volunteer, be friendly and neighborly to others, and give to causes or those in need. GivingTuesday is a global effort to inspire generosity and show the power of love and kindness.

In 2021, OGS celebrated GivingTuesday for the entire month of November and established the Give to Grow Fund in honor of this annual, collective act of giving. Our Give to Grow Fund doesn’t stop accepting contributions just because it’s not November!

Our Give to Grow Fund


The Give to Grow Fund raises money specifically for scholarships to help participants attend all classes and programs at OGS. We prioritize farmers and gardeners that are Black, Indigenous, People of Color, low-income, and/or from other historically marginalized communities.

Giving Tuesday
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