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Diana McCall

Planning Your Fall Garden

Thinking ahead never does anyone harm! Diana will be sharing her knowledge of the fall garden which comes from an abundance of experience gardening and teaching in the community, as well as previously instructing the entirety of the OGS gardening series. 

July 12, 2022

Dr. John Wilson Community Garden

6-8 pm

Angie Lavezzo

Seed Saving

Whether you have attended her workshops before or this is your first time, Angie’s comprehensive knowledge of seed saving is both practical and an inspiring reminder of the importance of preserving seeds. Angie’s workshop covers the importance of seed-saving, information on seed varieties, and techniques for saving different seed types and avoiding cross-pollination.

August 9, 2022

Smith Mill Works Greenhouse

6-8 pm

Black Trumpet Farm

Mushrooms in the Garden

Take your garden or homestead to the next level by integrating fungi into your operation! Whether using them to mulch or build soil or inoculating materials to grow some dense and nutritious food, there are so many ways to enjoy these magical creatures in your home space. Join our instructor to learn about some simple ways to grow mushrooms on logs and in buckets at a home-scale!

September 13, 2022

Smith Mill Works Greenhouse

6-8 pm