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Seed Saving 101

Knowing how to save our own seed is an important and fun skill that anyone can learn how to do, and make part of one’s current garden plans. Seed Saving is an accessible craft that can actually make you a better gardener by helping you understand the full life cycle of plants and botany. Learn why, how, and when to save seeds; with a focus on harvesting and processing for viability, good germination, and storage. This class will include demonstrations on low tech seed processing methods.

Stay tuned for 2022 dates!

“I have been thinking about seed saving for a while and this workshop gave me the inspiration and foundation needed to start this green adventure!”

2021 Participant

Angie Lavezzo

Angie Lavezzo

Angie has been gardening for almost 30 years and has been saving seeds for half that time. To Angie, the plant life cycle seems irrefutable proof that there is magic in this world, and she loves sharing this passion for seeds and plants with others. Her time is spent on her 13-acre farm in the lovely Hominy Valley area of WNC with her partner, dog, and cat, where she grows things, tends to her native bee habitats, and reads as much as she can make time for.