Consulting Services

Available Year-Round

OGS offers a variety of consulting services with hourly follow-up support and reduced fees available, including 1) assessment of land that you own or want to purchase; 2) assessment of your farm, garden, or homestead; and 3) guidance for your land-based project.

Organic Home Growing Blog Posts

The Many Uses and Benefits of Yucca

by Guest Blogger Jenny Holt The yucca, not to be confused with the yuca or cassava root, is a plant native to the hot dry areas or the Americas and...

Farmscaping and Beneficial Insects with Patryk Battle, Living Web Farms

Farmscaping is an ecological approach to designing and managing farm landscapes to achieve a specific purpose. Increasing and managing biodiversity can be done to provide harborage and sustenance to beneficial organisms such as insects, birds and bats, for instance. When asked to share what he knows about “companion planting” and supporting beneficial insects, Pat Battle responded that farmscaping is his preferred approach.

What is Veganic Gardening?

Guest blog by Caitlin Campbell Veganic gardening is a method of growing edible food plants without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or...

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