Programs & Resources for Home Growers

We believe that everyone has the capacity to produce their own food, no matter how much or how little. Home growers are central, dynamic, and vital partners in our move towards a thriving organic food community.


Consulting Services

Available Year-Round

OGS offers a variety of consulting services with hourly follow-up support and reduced fees available, including 1) assessment of land that you own or want to purchase; 2) assessment of your farm, garden, or homestead; and 3) guidance for your land-based project.

Ethical Foraging

Ethical Foraging Plant Walk

Oct 3, 2021 •  Hot Springs, NC

Join OGS for a plant walk at the scenic Paint Rock Farm. The walk will be guided by Julie Douglas, an herbalist and farmer, founder of Wildkrafted Kitchen and OGS’ very own Marketing Associate!  Throughout the walk, Julie will share some of their knowledge on plant identification, ethical foraging, medicinal and edible plants growing in the area. See you in the woods!


Gardening Series

Spring-Summer 2021 •  Online

Get year-round garden guidance to support you in having your best year in the garden yet. In addition to practical tips, you’ll gain confidence, increase your curiosity and wonder, and be inspired to live a truly healthy life in balance and accord with the Earth.

2 classes for each season: Spring, Summer & Fall. You can purchase each season individually, or buy all three for a discounted rate. Your purchase includes lifetime access to the course recordings & materials.

homegrown dreams

Homegrown Dreams

July 24, 2021 • Online | Oct 9, 2021 • Arden, NC

Whether you own or rent a home or live in a rural or urban setting, you can learn to incorporate small-scale, self-sufficiency and sustainability into your life through this entry-level, one-day exploratory workshop.

seed saving

Seed Saving 101

Aug 10, 2021 •  Online | Oct 17, 2021 •  Arden, NC

Knowing how to save our own seed is an important and fun skill that anyone can learn how to do, and make part of one’s current garden plans. Seed Saving is an accessible craft that can actually make you a better gardener by helping you understand the full life cycle of plants and botany. Learn why, how, and when to save seeds; with a focus on harvesting and processing for viability, good germination, and storage. This class will include demonstrations on low tech seed processing methods.

Southern Appalachian Growers Alliance

Southern Appalachian Growers Alliance


Southern Appalachian Growers Alliance (SAGA) is a network for home & community growers at all scales and levels to connect and learn from each other year round. The network will be centered around a listserv, through which home growers can ask for advice, make joint orders for materials, and organize gatherings and meet-ups. SAGA members also receive discounts on select home grower programs, including Homegrown Dreams and the Gardening Series.

Home Growing Library

Online Resource

A repository of articles that covers everything you need to know about starting and managing your organic garden. Learn why to grow organically in the first place or how to understand your soil’s pH.