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Click here to view a PDF of the Spring Conference schedule.
The schedule is designed for 15+ options in each time slot, in part because the class-sizes are limited. Classes are first come first serve. If the class you desire is full, move on to your next choice. Arrive early if a class is a “must-see” for you.

2017 Spring Conference Schedule

It’s a masterpiece. Special thanks to our amazing track leaders:

  • Amah Mitchell
  • Anne Knoflicek
  • Bre O’Connor
  • Chris Smith
  • Dylan Ryals-Hamilton
  • Elizabeth Ayers
  • Franny Tacy
  • Kelly Gaskill
  • Mark Dempsey
  • Meredith Leigh
  • Nancy Lee Adamson
  • Nicole DelCogliano
  • Pearson King
  • Phyllis Stiles
  • Richard Freudenberger
  • Rod Bowling
  • Shane Maxson
  • Shawn Swartz

Author: OGS

Organic Growers School is a non-profit organization providing organic education since 1993. Our mission is to inspire, educate, and support people in our region to farm, garden, and live organically.

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