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Megan McGowan is starting her own farm this year with the help of the Organic Growers School’s CRAFT farmer training initiative.

In her first year farming, Megan is growing more than 100 varieties of vegetables, herbs, and sunflowers for market on an acre of leased land in Canton.

“CRAFT is an incredible resource for up-and-coming farmers and this program has been indispensable to me and my education as a farmer.” ~ Megan

Megan credits the Organic Growers School’s CRAFT farmer training program with helping her get her start farming: “For the past three years I have participated in the CRAFT tours as a farm worker and farm intern. Then this past winter I went to the Farmer Roundtables put on by the Organic Growers School which were amazing. The biggest thing I gained was just seeing all the many different ways people farm. Even for people that grow the same product, everyone has a unique way of doing it and that variety really helps in figuring out how you want to run your own farm. The connections with local farmers have been huge and the ability to ask them for advice and guidance as I try to get my own operation off the ground.”

CRAFT stands for Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training and is a program of the Organic Growers School.  Membership is open to beginning and experienced farmers, apprentices and farm workers, and anyone else who has a strong desire and drive to begin farming.

Congratulations to Megan on your first year farming and good luck!

Meredith Leigh

Author: Meredith Leigh

Meredith Leigh is a die-hard advocate for good food. As a farmer, founder of a butcher shop/restaurant, and writer, she has worked on many angles of real food for over a decade. She currently teaches farming and cooking classes, consults for food and agriculture non-profits, and is writing a book about meat. Meredith has been the Program Coordinator for the Organic Growers School (OGS) Spring Conference since 2006 and was the Director and then the Executive Director of OGS for 10 years.

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