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WNC FarmLink and NC FarmLink have some exciting news to share about the media updates they’ve been working on, inspiring stories about farms and farmers and how they met! 

Click here: WNC Farm Link Matches Landowners and Farm Seekers

WNC FarmLink recently created a new Media page to highlight WNC FarmLink press and media alerts. A number of articles on farmlink endeavors are accessed there, as well as seven WNC FarmLink informational and testimonial videos. The videos can now be found individually on the About, Farm Seeker, Landowner and Testimonial pages of the WNC FarmLink website or all together on the new media page. Also highlighted there is a press release on the union of WNC Farmlink and NC Farmlink databases to further develop their partnership.

NC FarmLink,  meanwhile, has created a new Successful Matches page on the NC FarmLink website. Highlighted on that page are land matches presented through both written and video testimonials. Can we here an, “I do?”

If you would like to create your own FarmLink testimonial about the match you’ve made, please contact NC Farmlink at


Jillian Wolf

Author: Jillian Wolf

Jillian is the 2016-17′ Home Grower Program and Outreach Coordinator and AmeriCorps Service Member at Organic Growers School. Jillian grew up in Los Angeles County, later moving to Tampa, Chicago, and Asheville iin pursuit of her passions. She developed a strong bond to the land early on, and remembers fondly the time spent with her naturalist father and on her grandfather’s farm. These experiences led to professional interests in zoo exhibit landscapes, organic gardening and permaculture as Jillian learned to live with the land, rather than on it.

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