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Hello fellow farmers and farm advocates,

Organic Growers School wants your input!​ Please take 5 MINUTES to take our SURVEY.​
Click here to take the survey

What’s it about?: ​We are seeking farmer input and involvement for developing a beginning farmer training program for WNC. ​We are interested in knowing more about what barriers you are facing farming in the region. It’ll take 5 minutes or less.
Who should take it?: Seasoned, beginning & emerging/aspiring farmers of all kinds in WNC
How do I take it? Click here to take the survey

Why are we doing this?:​ If you were to create a beginning farmer training course in WNC, what would it look like? At the Organic Growers School​ (OGS)​, we’re asking the same questions. ​ Over this next year ​OGS, along with with the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy and WNC FarmLink,​ will be designing a program ​called Farm Pathways that will blend current beginning farmer training programs in the region with new, comprehensive farm & business planning courses and land access opportunities. ​​

We are seeking farmer input and involvement at every stage of development of this course as well as teaching portions of the course once it starts. ​​We are interested in knowing more about what barriers you see farmers facing in the region. What sort of training would have been helpful when you were getting started or that could help you better succeed now? Are you interested in helping steer the direction of a region-wide training program like this?

Please share this survey with other farmers and emerging farmers. The results of this survey will help inform every step of this process​, so thank you!!! Your input is invaluable.

​If you have questions please contact or

Ella McCoy

Author: Ella McCoy

Ella McCoy is a graduate of Appalachian State University’s MBA program and a native of Western North Carolina. She grew up reluctantly helping in her family’s garden and was as surprised as everyone else when she developed a passion for food advocacy and farming, while interning with Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture. Since moving to Asheville, Ella has been involved with the Grace Presbyterian Community Garden, OGS, F.E.A.S.T, and as an “unpaid intern” at her partner’s farm. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, beekeeping, photography, and as much reading as possible.

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