Traveler Testimonials

This is definitely the most interesting and exciting thing that I have done in my life.  My food interests, my agricultural interests, my history interests, politics, culture, travel… It’s like everything I love was in this trip. I loved it even more than I thought I would.

Linda Slezak

Food First Food Sovereignty Tour Participant

I am not much of a “tour person”. However, when I was walking the Mallecon chatting, sipping rum, singing and dancing with the locals, watching a private ballet performance, enjoying musicians jam in their casa, eating roasted pork fresh from the Bar B Que with the vacqueros (cowboys) on the ranch and meeting a Horse Whisperer in Trinidad whose wife brought their horse, Luna de Miel, into their living room I thought to myself this is not your “usual tour”. No tour buses outside these adventures!

Joey Merrifield

2014 Altruvistas Tour Participant

The trips that Altruvistas plans for my groups of women are filled with thoughtful events, meaningful interaction, and stellar guides. When the most stressful part of you trip is packing— you know you’re in good hands! Every trip has had amazing moments in it that were pure magic because of the local connections they have and their commitment to creating special trips where engaging with people matters.

Shasta Nelson

Altruvistas Tour Partner

I had such an amazing adventure in Cuba!  It was the perfect combination of wonderful experiences, decompression from my day-to-day life, and educational/eye opening experience about what Cuba has to offer and what they have and continue to endure. It will be interesting to see what the next few chapters have in store for this country as tourism in all of its forms continue to grow throughout the island.

Kei Grant

Altruvistas Tour Participant

This tour could not be praised enough. The dedication of the urban gardeners and their evolving expertise was an inspiration, the discussions with farmers and cooperative leaders were outstanding, and the artist’s community outreach and farming projects were fabulous to share.

Jeanne Koopman

2012 Food First Food Sovereignty Tour Participant

I’m writing to enthusiastically recommend Altruvistas as a fantastic organization to work with for an educational experience in Cuba.  As a university administrator who runs over 13 international programs a year, I know how important it is to work with a trusted organization that has a strong vision, a focus on learning outcomes, and attention to safety, risk and liability.  I can attest through my many years of working with [Altruvistas] … that [they] will organize a top-notch educational experience.

Shoshanna Sumka

Altruvistas Tour Participant, Global Learning & Leadership

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