This trip renewed my dedication my making my life’s work actionable. I felt painfully aware of the ivory tower syndrome brought about by my work in academic settings, and stirred to think outside the box for ways to break down walls and facilitate work that does away with academic elitism and echo chambers.

Alan Ismach

Food & Farming Advocate, March 2020 Tour Participant

Cuba is a very special case study for food researchers … My view of the geo-politics of the entire region has changed.
Alana Mann

Gardener & Academic, March 2018 Tour Participant

I have a picture of Che posted in my kitchen to remind me to aspire to be brave, persistent, compassionate and adventurous. I will do all I can to learn more about Cuba and the Cuban people's struggles—past and present. Cuba is in a unique position as the only country in the world that has gone so far into organic farming/gardening. We should all treasure that ... Every organic grower, given the opportunity to meet the Cuban growers, would be inspired and strengthened.

—Cindy Trisler, Farmer at Mudluscious Gardens in Madison County, NC

Farmer at Mudluscious Gardens, March 2018 Cuba Agroecology Tour Participant

I wanted to thank EVERYONE for their effort in making this trip possible. Everyone involved was so wonderful, I was blown away with the team and our travel group … I am going to love staying connected to hear what everyone is doing to improve their farms and communities in food sovereignty!

Terina Underwood

Academic, March 2018 Tour Participant

“[I am looking forward to using the] simple construction of grow houses and perimeter fencing that we learned about on the trip on my farm. I’ll also be incorporating a bio digester for Methyne gas. I have major respect for the Cuban farmers for using ox and draft power to plow and for transportation.”

Farmer, March 2018 Tour Participant

[I learned] how to make do with less. Wants versus needs. It is refreshing to see how everyone matters in this culture; the weak, frail and elderly are provided for and not pushed aside. I had no opinion of Cubans before this trip, but I admire their character and ingenuity. Cuba is now on my radar as a wonderful place to visit and learn.
Joan Chesik

Farmer at Green Goddess Farms, Asheville, NC, March 2018 Tour Participant

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