Scholarship applications are currently closed for the November 2021 and January 2022 trips. Please check back once more trips have been added.


We are offering a limited number of partial scholarships for up to $2,400 (75% of trip cost) to applicants based the priorities outlined below.  If trip attendance is contingent on a specific amount in scholarship, please let us know that in your application. Special consideration will be given to the following:

  • The type of work the applicant plans to do upon their return from the trip. Farmers will be prioritized.
  • Applicant’s level of community involvement and engagement in work related to social justice and sustainable agriculture in Southern Appalachia. People of Color, LGBTQAI+ and other socially disadvantaged individuals will be prioritized.
  • Financial limitations of international travel. Low wealth individuals will be prioritized.

Scholarship Deadlines & Timeline

November 2021 Trip

Application Deadline – August 1st (Applications Closed)

Decisions made by – September 1st

January 2022 Trip

Application Deadline – September 1st (Applications Closed)

Decisions made by – October 1st

Finding Other Funding Opportunities

We ask that you exhaust all other funding opportunities before applying as our scholarship pool is limited. If you are part of an academic program or profession related to agriculture, we are more than happy to provide letters of request for funding help or academic credit from your business or institution. We have had both agricultural professionals and academics participate in this trip with funding through their institutions.

Application Materials

  • Income details, including dependents and expected income for the calendar year. Supporting documentation is helpful but not required.
  • Professional or academic reference.