Food First is a “people’s think tank” dedicated to ending the injustices that cause hunger and helping communities take back control of their food systems. Food First advances its mission through three interrelated work areas—research, education and action. They are designed to 1) promote informed citizen engagement with the institutions and policies that control food and 2) integrate local, national, and global efforts. Food First informs and amplifies voices within social movements that are fighting for food justice and food sovereignty. They have been running Food Sovereignty Tours, including tours to Cuba, for more than 20 years.
Altruvistas is a socially responsible and philanthropic travel company that organizes privately branded and customized tours for individuals, businesses, NGOs, foundations, and institutions that complement their missions and bring their vision or curricula to life. For the past 23 years, they have traveled with, lived with, and overseen more than 20,000 travelers to Cuba. In 2017, Altruvistas organized about 80 international and domestic journeys, 50 of which took place in Cuba. They are excited to share with you a place near and dear to their hearts.

The Christopher Reynolds Foundation was established in 1952 by New York torch and blues singer Libby Holman Reynolds following the tragic death of her son, Christopher, in a mountain-climbing accident. Early CRF work focused on the economics of disarmament, theories of world government and racial justice. One of the Foundation’s first grants was to support the trip of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to India to study the non-violent activism of Mahatma Gandhi. Early grants also went to the Highlander Research and Education Center and efforts supporting the Students National Coordinating Committee’s work on civil rights. Following the US normalization of diplomatic relations with Vietnam in 1995, the Foundation began to look at the parallels between the former embargo on Vietnam and current US policy towards Cuba. CRF began to support work to strengthen contacts and understanding between citizens and institutions in the US and citizens and institutions in Cuba, primarily in the areas of sustainability, social economy, agroecology and local development.