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Consulting Director & Sustainability Coach

Brandon Greenstein

Brandon Greenstein

Sustainability Coach

Brandon is the OGS Consulting Director and Sustainability Coach, providing support services to farmers, homesteaders, gardeners, and those seeking sustainability solutions. His background is in Renewable Systems, Earth Works, Energy, Water, Homesteading, Permaculture, specifically providing consulting, design, and technical services for the creation of low impact, energy conserving, and integrated systems. Brandon works with chainsaws, hand tools, heavy equipment, construction projects, water systems, and most everything having to do with the practicalities of ecological design. Brandon currently lives on a small, hand built, off-grid homestead enjoying gardening, parenting and philosophizing about existence and how to optimize it.


“Brandon was an excellent consultant on my drainage issues. They were active and compassionate listeners, and provided a perspective on my home and my water issues that took my full life situation into account. They offered their full attention and availability while they were here, which allowed for a personal connection and a meaningful sharing of stories, perspectives and practical, creative ideas. Communication was excellent, and their manner and expertise was professional. I would highly recommend this consulting service to anyone who cares deeply about the land they live on and with.”

Dana Nagle

Sustainability Consultation with Brandon Greenstein of OGS

Coaches & Consultants

Nicole DelCogliano

Nicole DelCogliano

Sustainability & Farming Coach

Nicole is the OGS Farmer Programs Coordinator and has more than 20 years of farming experience as the co-proprietor of Green Toe Ground farm, a diversified organic farm in Celo, NC. Green Toe Ground farm is a family farm consisting of 16 acres of diversified organic and biodynamic produce and livestock and hosts farm apprentices each year. Originally from NY, Nicole has farmed and worked in education in NC for the last 20 years. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology from State University at New Paltz in New York, and has a Masters in Sustainability from the Center for Appalachian Studies in Boone, NC.

When you talk to some people - their presence/demeanor just helps you take a deep breath and slow down - and evaluate the stressors. From the initial phone call - Brandon was tuned into the whole picture. Very refreshing in this day. He made suggestions that will save us more money than the cost of his visit. We called Organic Growers School to help us put an experienced person’s eyes on our property and garden goals. Brandon’s suggestions regarding terracing and feedback about water retention will allow cost savings that will more than cover the OGS site visit fee.
Consulting Client

January 2023

I've had consultants from NCSU, USDA/NRCS, SBTDC, Agriculture office and Farm Bureau with conflicting information about best stewardship farming practices. Brandon addressed my concerns with a deep understanding of WNC growing dynamics. His guidance got me two donated goats within ten days of his suggestion for succession control.
Consulting Client

June 2019

We selected [OGS Coaching and Consulting] because of the many praises we heard from others. The depth of knowledge we tapped into with [Brandon] will help lay the correct foundation for our vision.

Consulting Client

August 2022

Brandon gave us some very helpful advice, we very much enjoyed his visit. We learned about bio char and are utilizing the info. His advice helped us to consider other options for pasture. We found his insight and straight forward recommendations quite compelling. We implemented several of his suggestions and used his advice as a starting point for other farm projects and for improving existing projects. We asked questions while he was here and he gave us good answers. As far as “thinking about our next step”, Brandon’s consult helped us to move forward to the next step. It’s great to have another set of eyes on the property to see the potential pitfalls as well as opportunities. Brandon’s knowledge and experience was a wonderful resource for us in our decision making process in the early, as well as critical, stage of our beginning mini-farm.

Rebecca Allen

June 6, 2019