Organic Growers School: Sustainability Consulting

Video Education on Sustainability Consulting

What is land-based consulting?

Why is it important to do land planning and site design?

What happens on a sustainability consult?

Why does someone come to you for a sustainability consult?

What do people get out of a Sustainability Consult with Organic Growers School?

How do you help people achieve their goals with sustainability consulting?

What can go wrong from a lack of planning and design?

Brandon gave us some very helpful advice, we very much enjoyed his visit. We learned about bio char and are utilizing the info. His advice helped us to consider other options for pasture. We found his insight and straight forward recommendations quite compelling. We implemented several of his suggestions and used his advice as a starting point for other farm projects and for improving existing projects. We asked questions while he was here and he gave us good answers. As far as “thinking about our next step”, Brandon’s consult helped us to move forward to the next step. It’s great to have another set of eyes on the property to see the potential pitfalls as well as opportunities. Brandon’s knowledge and experience was a wonderful resource for us in our decision making process in the early, as well as critical, stage of our beginning mini-farm.

Rebecca Allen

June 6, 2019

I loved how at the end of the intense session Brandon said he likes the direction we are going in. That was very affirming and almost that alone was worth the session.

Brandon is a wealth of knowledge! He showed me how permaculture could be applied to my property in simple practical ways. I loved that the consult was recorded so I can refer to it for years to come. That is how chock full of information it was.

It helped me focus on what I need to do next rather than being overwhelmed with what might come in the future. I have narrowed my focus a bit to the area's in my natural path.

For example, immediately after the appointment I reclaimed the asparagus bed and as a result we were able to enjoy asparagus all spring. My approach thru the summer became a little more big picture rather than just getting thru this season. I've also started using cover crops.

Consulting Client

September 8, 2018

After your visit I went under the house and crawled all the way around and there are several moist areas. I had no idea I had so many water problems. I am so glad you came. I value the work you are doing with the Grower's School and look forward to working with you and some local people to help me get my land the way I want it. No condo for me! I'm sticking with the homestead dream. Not a much of a homestead in many people's eyes but is much better than my previous existence with postage stamp lot, privacy fence and chemicals galore.

Beth Nease

May 15, 2019

I feel so humbled having Brandon come and help me sort through the various ways that my farm can become more sustainable. Techniques that through time will conserve water, stop erosion and build better soils. Just through some simple diversion patterns. I love how even the small farmer is given the opportunity to have experts help, with boots on the ground applicable solutions that don't break the bank. It's the only paid visit and so appreciated for the amazing information! Hope to continue to grow with you!

Consulting Client

June, 4, 2019