Need help with your farm, garden, or homestead?

Contact us for a free 20 minute call helping you to identify your needs and goals and assess which service might be right for you. We offer a wide variety of consulting services—with hourly follow-up support and reduced fees available—including:

  • Assessment of land that you own or want to purchase.
  • Sustainability systems on your farm, garden, or homestead.
  • Guidance for your land-based project.

How the process works:

Step 1: We talk on the phone to identify your goals and needs.
Step 2: We select a service and price that best meets your needs.
Step 3: We set up a time for an in-person site visit or video call
Step 4: We coach you through a self-assessment process.
Step 5: We have our virtual or in-person site visit.
Step 6: We invoice you.
Step 7: We followup with you with next steps, referrals, report, etc.

Projects Suitable for Consulting

Site Assessment, Earthworks, Water Catchment, Renewable energy, Garden Design &Installation, Orchards, Food Self Reliance, Soil Testing, Animal Systems, Ponds, Greenhouse, Barn & Shed Construction, Sustainable Forestry, Hardscaping, Landscaping, Mapping Your Land, Conservation, Composting, Pasture Management, Companion Planting, Organic Weed, Pest, & Disease Management, Food Storage & Preservation, Herb Gardens, Beekeeping, Wild Plant ID, Farm Planning, Land Design.

We are your partner on the journey towards self-reliance

We provide on-site coaching and consulting in Western North Carolina and beyond. We’re also available by video or audio call with clients outside of our practical reach. We recommend that you start with our Comprehensive Assessment, which will help us get a deeper understanding of your needs and goals. From there we can help you design something more in-depth and customized to support the realization of those goals.

Confused? Questions? 

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Sustainable Consulting Videos

Learn more about sustainability consulting and what it can do for you!

We were happy to have Brandon come and evaluate our property and our project goals. He helped to bring perspective to our project, which allows is to focus on a more narrow goal, concurring specific steps at a time. He gave us confidence in the direction that we are heading with our project. He provided some suggestions about working within our environment as best as we can, which really leads towards our ultimate goal of creating a sustainable, and natural environment.

Consulting Client

June 4, 2019

Wanted to support the efforts of the organization as well as gain the information needed. Also wanted an interactive process not someone just to do it all for me. Interested in a beautiful landscape but also eco-friendly and edible. Was a truly great experience.

Consulting Client

June 25, 2019

I learned lots of information on how to better use our land.

Consulting Client

June 20, 2019

Feeling very inspired to learn more and get to planning.

Coaching Client

June 20, 2019

Is good to find out what you are doing right and wrong before you get too far down the path.

Consulting Client

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