Need help with your farm, garden, or homestead?

Contact us for a free 20 minute call helping you to identify your needs and goals and assess which service might be right for you. We offer a wide variety of consulting services—with hourly follow-up support and reduced fees available—including:

  • Assessment of land that you own or want to purchase.
  • Sustainability systems on your farm, garden, or homestead.
  • Guidance for your land-based project.

How the process works:

Step 1: We talk on the phone to identify your goals and needs.
Step 2: We select a service and price that best meets your needs.
Step 3: We set up a time for an in-person site visit or video call
Step 4: We coach you through a self-assessment process.
Step 5: We have our virtual or in-person site visit.
Step 6: We invoice you.
Step 7: We followup with you with next steps, referrals, report, etc.

Projects Suitable for Consulting

Site Assessment, Earthworks, Water Catchment, Renewable energy, Garden Design &Installation, Orchards, Food Self Reliance, Soil Testing, Animal Systems, Ponds, Greenhouse, Barn & Shed Construction, Sustainable Forestry, Hardscaping, Landscaping, Mapping Your Land, Conservation, Composting, Pasture Management, Companion Planting, Organic Weed, Pest, & Disease Management, Food Storage & Preservation, Herb Gardens, Beekeeping, Wild Plant ID, Farm Planning, Land Design.

We are your partner on the journey towards self-reliance

We provide on-site coaching and consulting in Western North Carolina and beyond. We’re also available by video or audio call with clients outside of our practical reach. We recommend that you start with our Comprehensive Assessment, which will help us get a deeper understanding of your needs and goals. From there we can help you design something more in-depth and customized to support the realization of those goals.

Confused? Questions? 

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Learn more about sustainability consulting and what it can do for you!

When you talk to some people - their presence/demeanor just helps you take a deep breath and slow down - and evaluate the stressors. From the initial phone call - Brandon was tuned into the whole picture. Very refreshing in this day. He made suggestions that will save us more money than the cost of his visit. We called Organic Growers School to help us put an experienced person’s eyes on our property and garden goals. Brandon’s suggestions regarding terracing and feedback about water retention will allow cost savings that will more than cover the OGS site visit fee.
Consulting Client

January 2023

We selected [OGS Coaching and Consulting] because of the many praises we heard from others. The depth of knowledge we tapped into with [Brandon] will help lay the correct foundation for our vision.

Consulting Client

August 2022

Brandon was very professional, positive and knowledgeable. Although I wish we lived in the area so we could do an on-site consultation, the session was very foundational and informative to me anyways.
Remote Consulting Client

December 2021

My experience of OGS consultant, Brandon, was helpful for re-visioning some of the areas of my land I’d previously considered ‘problem areas.’ He provided me with ideas that will allow me to create utility/growing spaces in surprising locations, using what I already have on hand as part of the process.

Consulting Client

September 2021

Many thanks to Brandon for sharing his knowledge of land use, for pointing out several ideas we hadn't considered, for affirming some thoughts we are considering and his honesty in telling us why certain ideas we had may not be the best options for our particular space.

Consulting Client

April 2021

Brandon has been extremely useful in helping me to realize exactly what my needs will be. He gave me much to think about and I was impressed by his experience and advice. I believe that this and future consultations will be of great value.
Consulting Client

October 2021

I have embarked on an ambitious project and the OGS consultation has helped me to understand and develop a plan. The multifaceted approach (practical, sustainable, even spiritual, etc.) has given me much to examine and re-examine about what I need to create forward progression.

Consulting Client

October 2021

I've had consultants from NCSU, USDA/NRCS, SBTDC, Agriculture office and Farm Bureau with conflicting information about best stewardship farming practices. Brandon addressed my concerns with a deep understanding of WNC growing dynamics. His guidance got me two donated goats within ten days of his suggestion for succession control.
Consulting Client

June 2019