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Organic Growers School: Sustainability Consulting

Video Education on Sustainability Consulting

What is land-based consulting?

Why is it important to do land planning and site design?

What happens on a sustainability consult?

Why does someone come to you for a sustainability consult?

What do people get out of a Sustainability Consult with Organic Growers School?

How do you help people achieve their goals with sustainability consulting?

What can go wrong from a lack of planning and design?

Brandon Greenstein

Author: Brandon Greenstein

Brandon Greenstein is the Director of Coaching and Consulting services for Organic Growers School (OGS), working with clients in the filed to help forward their land based goals. His background is in Renewable Systems, Earth Works, Energy, Water, and Permaculture, specifically providing consulting, design and technical services for the creation of integrated systems. He has been homesteading, including off-grid living and food production, in the western NC mountains for over 20 years.

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