Seed Exchange

29th Annual Spring Conference // March 18-20, 2022

Lee Barnes will be offering the Southeastern Seed & Plant Exchange in the OGS Atrium Exhibit Hall at the 2022 Spring Conference.

Have extra seeds or starts? Bring them with you! Need or want some seeds? Come get them! You’ll find plenty of interesting heirlooms along with staple varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers.

If you’re bringing seeds to share, please include the following information:

  • Variety name
  • Scientific name
  • Date harvested or Seed Company “packaged for” year
  • Stories and notes about your experience with this variety

“Saving seed is about keeping the circle unbroken, nurturing the spark of life and passing it on. Our seeds tie us to the past. With them we preserve the future. In the simple sacred act of saving seeds, we become the stewards of thousands of years of plant evolution.”

Sue Smith-Heavenrich, 1995

Check out our seed saving classes at Spring Conference!

Lee Barnes will be teaching Seed Saving 101 in our Living on the Land Track. Ira Wallace will be teaching Seed Saving: Preserving Genetic
Diversity and Community Culture as a morning Half-day workshop. Check out our workshop descriptions and register here.

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