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We would like for everyone and anyone interested in attending the OGS 30th Annual Spring Conference to be able to join. We try our best to keep our ticket prices as affordable as possible, and we are proud to be the lowest cost event of its kind in the Southeast. This year we are experimenting with sliding scale ticket pricing, and are offering 50% priced tickets for those who need them. As a result, our scholarship funds are VERY limited this year, and we encourage you to check out our sliding scale offerings and seek out other means to fund your ticket if those are available.  Please keep in mind that we are a 501c3 non-profit, and your dollars help fund the organic growing movement. As we continue to raise money for scholarships, we will add those options to this page.

Applying for a scholarship through OGS:

Have you run out of ways to be able to attend the 30th Annual OGS Spring Conference? We have a VERY limited number of scholarships this year. Please check our sliding scale pricing to see if that meets your needs prior to applying. Please fill out the application form below and we will be in touch.


2023 Spring Conference Scholarship Application

    Please note that scholarships do not cover Half-days or Pre-conference workshops, but you can add these to your registration if you are awarded a scholarship.



Other ways to afford

For creative ways to fund your learning journey, check out this page from an organization we love. There are some great ideas about crowdfunding and other kinds of broader support you might consider seeking out. If you’re part of a university or an organization that works on any overlapping topic areas, you might consider asking them for support in attending. 

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