Information about the 2021 Conference Coming Soon!

All information posted is about the 27th Annual Event, which happened March 8 - 10, 2020. Information about next year's conference will be posted in fall of 2020.

2020 Spring Conference Workshop Schedule

 The schedule is designed for 17+ options in each session, in part because the class sizes are limited. Classes are first come, first served. If the class you desire is full, move on to your next choice. Arrive early for your “must-see” classes. Registrations are required for Half Day Workshops. Classes are subject to change. We will update the schedule on this page regularly as changes occur.

2020 Spring Conference Schedule

Check out the full schedule here or by clicking on the schedule image above.

Please be advisedThe Conference workshop schedule changes constantly from November of 2019 when we start planning until right up to the March 2020 conference. Please DO NOT USE the schedule you received in the mail in December or January as this schedule will be obsolete. You will receive a PROGRAM at the event which will have the most up to date schedule.

Reminder about our venue for 2020

The OGS Spring Conference will continue to be at Mars Hill University for our 27th Annual Spring Conference! Mars Hill University is just 20 minutes north of downtown Asheville, with easy access off of Exit 11 from 26. Benefits of this campus include:
  • FREE and easy parking
  • Larger classroom sizes
  • More centralized indoor location for exhibitors and registration
  • More food vendor options
  • And best of all, MORE AFFORDABLE (which as a non-profit really helps keep our expenses down and registration costs low.)

We look forward to see you all at Mars Hill University in March.

For more information on this program, please contact Sera Deva, Director of Programs & Systems Design at