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Planning for the upcoming growing season?

Special Offer for January 2019

30% off a Sustainability Consult at your site focused on your land-based issue.

Good for: Pre-Purchase Land Assessment, Site Assessment and Land Design, Design of Large Scale Landscaping or Earthworks, Water Catchment, Renewable Energy, Garden Design &Installation, Orchards, Food Self Reliance, Soil Testing, Animal Systems, Ponds, Greenhouse, Barn & Shed Construction, Sustainable Forestry, Landscaping, Mapping Your Land, Conservation, Composting, Pasture Management, Companion Planting, Organic Weed, Pest, & Disease Management, Food Storage& Preservation, Herb Gardens, Beekeeping, Wild Plant ID, Farm Planning, and more.

Details here. The consult must be scheduled an completed by March 8th (The OGS Spring Conference)

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