We couldn’t do this without the help of our volunteers!

So thanks a bunch! Volunteering is a great way to support the Organic Growers School while also getting to enjoy the services and programs we provide.

Each GENERAL VOLUNTEER shift will earn you a one-day work exchange pass ON THE DAY YOU ARE VOLUNTEERING at the Conference. Each SPECIALTY VOLUNTEER shift will earn you a pass to BOTH Friday & Saturday of the Conference.

Please read the information on this page carefully to choose the responsibility that best suits your interests and abilities. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Sera, Volunteer Coordinator at farmer-programs@organicgrowersschool.org.

General Volunteers

General Volunteer Shifts

General volunteer shifts do not require special skills or backgrounds. They do, however, require adaptability and a positive attitude, so be sure to bring those! You may select up to three volunteer shift preferences. Please do not select the same shift three times.

Classroom Helpers (all day) — 2 Spots Available on Friday & Saturday

Stoked on helping with one of the classes? This is the spot for you! We need folks to serve as back-up classroom helpers for our classes. This will mean being the teacher’s assistant all day and helping participants with registration and check in in the morning. If you volunteer as a classroom helper, you will be comped to come to the conference only on the day you assist.

Floaters/Parking — 2 Spots Available on Friday & Saturday

Come help us run around like crazy chickens in the morning of the event, wear fun bright orange vests and orient people to the campus! You should be a map person, like hiking around the beautiful Warren Wilson grounds, and be comfortable with being authoritative.

Set Up (Thursday, September 5th, 2-6PM) — 1 Spot Available Thursday PM; you will be comped for Friday classes

This is a great shift because it allows you to put in your four hours without missing any classes! Set Up Volunteers should be prepared to do some moving around and be able to lift up to 30 pounds comfortably. So bring your walking shoes, your positive attitude, and your patience!

Saturday Clean Up (Saturday, September 7th, 4-8PM) — 2 Spots Available Saturday PM

This shift requires you to miss the last 30 minutes of Saturday classes. Similar to set up, this shift requires that you be comfortable moving portable furniture (like folding chairs and tables) and walking as well as waiting between the time you finish one task and get assigned another.

Specialty Volunteers

Specialty Volunteer Shifts

A specialty volunteer shift requires particular skills and backgrounds to fulfill. Each specialty shift will get you into BOTH days of the event and each require 10 hours of trade.


This is a great way to get your hours out of the way before the conference! This could include blog writing or facebook promotion of the event. Please only apply if you are computer savvy and have reliable transportation.

Data Entry FULL

We need help entering our survey results after the conference. Please only apply if you are familiar with SurveyMonkey or are willing to do a tuitorial.


Moderator Shifts

((4 Moderators on each day, one for each class — HEMP ONLY NEEDED))

Moderators primarily assist speakers, and often are specifically invited to be in the moderator role (take this into account when applying, as positions will be filled first by those who have moderated before).

Moderators must work a full day shift (8:45AM-5:00PM) on either Friday, Saturday, or both. Moderators are comped the workshop they are moderating in exchange for their services; in order to attend both days, you must moderate both days. There will be a short moderator training for those who haven’t moderated before at 2pm on Thursday, September 5th at Warren Wilson before the event. Please take this into account and be available at this time.

Moderator duties includes things like…

  • Distributing handouts if necessary
  • Introducing the speaker
  • Acting as door monitor
  • Taking attendance
  • Facilitating question and answer sessions
  • Making announcements
To Apply

Because we put so much effort into making our conference affordable and accessible, our volunteer program is extremely popular… so apply early! To become a work trade volunteer, please:

  1. Complete the volunteer application form below and
  2. Send your deposit check within 10 business days to Organic Growers School, PO Box 17804, Asheville, NC 28816. Please write the name of the volunteer somewhere on the check. We will ONLY confirm your work trade position with you after we receive your deposit check.
Deposit Check & Cancellations

All volunteers are required to submit reimbursable deposit checks for the total amount of their work trade (i.e. $75 for one day or $125 for both days). Reimbursable deposits will only be deposited if you do not complete your volunteer shift.

Please mail deposit checks to: Conference Coordinator c/o Organic Growers School, PO Box 17804
Asheville, NC 28816

Cancellations: If you have been accepted into the volunteer program and need to cancel, your deposit and registrations are 100% refundable if you notify us before August 29, 2019 (the week before the conference). If you cancel after August 29, you will not receive a refund. Please do let us know, however, so we can fill your shifts.

Arrival & Schedule

You will receive a confirmed arrival time upon acceptance into the program, and you will be expected to plan your travel accordingly. Please arrive 15 minutes before your first scheduled shift.

Once your schedule and duties are given to you, it is up to you to show up for your shift on time, and to complete duties as asked. In the unfortunate event that you do not fulfill your shift, we may be obligated to cash your volunteer deposit.