Creative pursuits such as drawing, painting, dancing, or singing can make people happy, and even just being around art can have a positive impact on one’s overall wellbeing. Studies have found that viewing paintings or drawings can prevent memory loss and improve mental health. Looking at artwork can also decrease stress levels and improve a person’s mood, and this explains why people feel good after visiting a gallery or museum. You can experience the healing effects of art by displaying paintings and sculptures inside your home, but why stop there? To beautify your property and make it conducive to healing and health, try adding some art to your outdoor space as well.

Display framed drawings in the seating area

If you have an outdoor seating area like a patio or a gazebo, you can spruce up this part of the garden by displaying framed drawings of plants or flowers here. It’s even better if you and your loved ones can work on these drawings together as it adds a personal touch to your outdoor space. Older family members can try their hand at sketching lifelike renditions of their favorite flowers, while children can be taught to create a caricature of a tree. All drawings should be done on a piece of paper that’s about 4 x 6 inches, then placed in a picture frame that has the same dimensions. You can choose frames with a stand so the drawings can be displayed on a table or other flat surfaces, or simply hang these frames on a post or on the wall.

Add some sculptures

Displaying sculptures in your outdoor space is the easiest way to add art to your garden. Consider placing metal ostrich or peacock sculptures next to your flower beds for instant impact, or commission a local artist to create a piece using found objects for a whimsical feel. If you’d rather have something that’s a little more modern, an oversized spherical sculpture in a shiny metal can add a touch of contemporary art to your green space.

Create tile art

Tile art can give your outdoor space a lot of color and life, and you can do tile art on a wall, on the patio steps, or wherever there’s bare concrete in your garden. Small pieces of colored tile can be used to create a mosaic, or you can paint a design on large tiles. You can also use patterned tile to add playfulness to your outdoor space.

Have a water feature

Water fountains come in various shapes and sizes, and apart from traditional bird baths, you can even find ones shaped like kettles or umbrellas which will fill your garden with the pleasant sounds of bubbling or cascading water. Pick a water feature that enhances the look of your garden and have it in a place that everyone can see. A fountain that comes with LED lights is a plus as it makes your garden even more attractive once the evening comes.

Enhance the beauty of your outdoor space by adding art to your garden. You and your loved ones will surely love having these pieces around as not only will they boost your garden’s aesthetic value, but they also give your space a positive energy that will benefit your wellbeing.

Author: Jenny Holt

Jennifer Holt is a freelance writer and mother of two, who loves nothing more than to play, “where has the cat hidden itself now.”