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Organic Growers School offers coaching and consulting for home-owners, farmers, backyard gardeners, sustainability seekers and urban growers; anyone interested in living more sustainably. We coach and consult on-site within the Western North Carolina area and by skype with clients outside 27065974903_6577e6dd29_zthe area.

You may need help visioning a green building project, or designing a garden, or finding resources for an off-grid living system. Or you may need help reading your landscape or planning an orchard or catching water in your farm system. We are your partners on your journey towards self-reliance. Our goal is to meet you where you are and inspire, encourage, and support your project, your learning, and your life.

We recommend that you start with our Comprehensive Assessment, which will help us get a deeper understanding of your needs and plans. From there we can design something more in-depth and customized to support the realization of your goals.

27081807984_b2b3a38b73_zCOACHING & CONSULTING PACKAGES

Comprehensive Assessment
This initial assessment helps us gather vital information about your dreams, your resources, your core life values, your timeline, and your desired process. As we learn about you, you will also learn more about you. This process is comprised of the following parts:


  1. Comprehensive Intake Survey (You Complete)
  2. Site Visit (1.5 to 2 hours) with OGS consultant. Can also be conducted at our office or by phone or skype if you aren’t currently developing a land-based project.
  3. Assessment:
    1. MP3 Recording of the Visit
    2. Plan of Action
    3. Customized Resource & Referral List
    4. Information Transfer to a Service Provider (Up to 30 minute conversation with a provider of your 27659381196_0605068cb1_zchoice)
    5. Followup Phone Call

Fee: $275

Ongoing Hourly Support Services
Once you’ve completed your comprehensive assessment, we can help you manifest your vision. With the support of the OGS Consulting team you can get support on your plan of action, implementation schedule, ongoing one-on-one education, or even communication with your service providers. We also offer hourly rate consulting for one-on-one mentoring, support, and guidance for a one-time event or a basic issue. This can be on the phone or in person, either on your site or in our office. We need you to fill out our initial inquiry to see if your specific issue qualifies for the hourly rate consulting, instead of the beginning with the Comprehensive Assessment. 

Fee: $75 per hour

Brandon Greenstein

Author: Brandon Greenstein

Brandon Greenstein is the Home-Grower Program Director for Organic Growers School (OGS), developing new initiatives to provide services to home-growers. His background is in Renewable Systems, Earth Works, Energy, Water, and Permaculture, specifically providing consulting, design and technical services for the creation of integrated systems. He has been homesteading, including off-grid living and food production, in the western NC mountains for 20 years.

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