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Edible plants for EVERYONE!!!


Saturday, April 20th to celebrate EARTH DAY. The sale will be at Earth Fare’s patio (Westgate Shopping Center in West Asheville) Saturday, 4-20-2013 at 11 am ’til they run out of plants!

Here are the plants that will be available for purchase. They will be available in limited quantities so get there early (opening at 11 am) for the best selection:


• Apple: Arkansas Black $10
• Apple: Mutzu $10
• Pear: Moonglow $11
• Pear: Magness $11
• Peach: Elberta $11
• Peach: Golden Jubilee $11
• Plum: Santa Rosa $10
• Plum: Methley $10
• Cherry: Montmorency $11
• Cherry: Early Richmond $11
• Paw Paw: $10


• Blueberry: Blue Crop $6
• Blueberry: Blue Ray $6
• Raspberry: Latham Red $3
• Strawberry: Albion 10/$6


• Grape: Catawba $6
• Grape: Concord $6
• Grape: Niagra $6
• Asparagus: 10/$12
• Horseradish: $3


• Red Bud: $6
• Sourwood $6

These plants are big and beautiful!
Contact Kathleen Zeren with any questions or to discuss your order: 828 633-2354. She is a landscape designer, horticulturist, avid gardener, and certified plant nut… so this will be FUN!

And what does “plants for EVERYONE” mean? It means that these will be nice plants that anyone can afford! And what if you have no money at all? Then contact Kathleen and she’ll see if she can arrange for you to help with the sale in trade for some plants! You must contact her ahead of the sale to make this option workable.

Please share. Invite your friends! THANKS A BUNCH!


Author: OGS

Organic Growers School is a non-profit organization providing organic education since 1993. Our mission is to inspire, educate, and support people in our region to farm, garden, and live organically.

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