Strategic Vision

We’re excited to share our strategic vision. We created it in 2014 and it holds strong as our vision moving forward.

Area Social Problem Our Solution
Big Picture Big agriculture and globalization results in a loss of biodiversity, environmental crises, reduced food and community resilience, increased world hunger, and an over-reliance on industrial food systems. To create regional, small-scale, organic food systems made up of farmers, home growers, and conscious eaters resulting in a thriving food shed that exemplifies diversity, resiliency, and community.
Community Our food and farming heritage and culture are fragmented by the agribusiness agenda and our communities have little cohesion with regards to interdependence, skill-sharing, or celebration of food and growing. The above interest steamrolls into a movement of sustainable organic growing and eating that leads to a robust, vibrant, secure, viable, and resilient food region.
Area Social Problem Our Solution
  • The average age of farmers is 58.
  • Traditional methods of farming and knowledge transfer have been lost.
  • Barriers to farming are many: access to land, capital, training, support, etc.
  • There is strong development pressure on NC farmland.
  • To increase the number of viable organic farms in our region.
  • To increase the number of community leaders who advocate for resilient food systems and organic farming.
  • Additional thoughts that can go into marketing language:
  • Farmers are a celebrated as a central component to a vibrant community and as such are thriving in every way.
  • To make it easier to enter farming as an organic grower than any other cultural approach.
Gardeners & Homesteaders of all scales The industrialization of food and growing leaves the average person out of touch with the basics of food, kitchen, and garden literacy. The loss of ancestral knowledge and of a local food community leaves people disconnected, disempowered, and insecure.
  • To increase the number of people who are successfully growing on a home-scale.
  • To increase public and community support for home growing.
  • Home growers become a confident, empowered, and excited population working towards collective food sovereignty and security, who are gaining life skills and enjoying delicious food.

Organic Living & Eating

Misinformation and manipulation by our current food system are leaving eaters sick and ill-informed.
  • To increase the number of people who shop and eat locally and organically.
  • To increase the number of people who are preparing & cooking food at home.
  • To increase the number of people who are implementing sustainable solutions in their lives.