We’re Looking for a Home

Organic Growers School has an office at the AB Tech Small Business Center in Candler, NC. We’ve been there since March 2015 and need to move on sometime after March 2018. We’re looking for a new home for nine staff members. We work both from home and the office, and our most common office days are Tuesday–Thursday.

Our ideal situation:

  • We’d love to be on or adjacent to an active farm, garden, or growing operation.
  • The office space needs to be move-in ready.
  • We need 400 square feet or so.
  • Parking capacity for up to 10 cars.
  • In Buncombe County
  • Access to power, internet, and phone lines.
  • Access to a conference room or meeting space that can accommodate 10 folks or so.
  • Workshop or classroom space is ideal, but not necessary.

We'd Love to Hear Your Suggestions