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4th Annual Harvest Conference: September 8–9, 2017

Saturday Class Descriptions

9:00am to 12:30pm

Whole Hog Butchery & Charcuterie with Meredith Leigh
Learn pork butchery from nose to tail, and the basics of curing meats via salt, smoke, and fermentation. Meredith Leigh, author of The Ethical Meat Handbook will lead this demo and a lively discussion on sustainable farming, mindful slaughter, and good cookery.

All About Hemp with Brian Bullman
Hemp has been grown for at least the last 12,000 years. But how does that translate to the 21st Century? Brian will walk you though the current state of the industry and the exciting future hemp holds for local growers and consumers of hemp byproducts.

Beyond Diversity: A Racial Equity Path to Food Justice with Marisol Jimenez
This workshop is an opportunity for you to develop some language and frameworks for advancing equity within your organizations and communities. Together, we will look at how history, culture, policies, and resource distribution uphold a structure of power, privilege, and oppression that can only be interrupted by strategies that move beyond diversity.

Growing and Making Plant Medicine–Teas, Tinctures and Salves with Chip Hope
Learn about do-it-yourself propagation, growing, harvesting, processing, and use of over a dozen selected groups of important plants. These are useful plants that you can grow in your own home and garden, whereever it is, for imporoving your own health…right here, right now!

High Tunnels for Homesteaders with Christina Newhouse
High Tunnels are greenhouses for year-round fruit and vegetable production popular with growers of all scales. Explore the different types of tunnels to extend your crop season, the appropriate types of plants, irrigation issues, and how to apply to funding programs.”

Intro to Permaculture with Zev Friedman
This session will discuss a wide array of Permaculture design elements including rainwater harvesting, passive solar, aquaculture, vermiculture, poultry, food forestry, recycled materials, and more! Learn from one of the leaders in the Permaculture community.

Appalachia Rising–the Revival of Valuable Folkways with Byron Ballard
From herbal medicine to organic gardening, from animal husbandry to community tending, traditional Appalachian culture has survived for generations by living off and with the land. Modern homesteaders can learn much from the living cultures of Appalachia and Byron Ballard provides an overview and template for this timely and needed revival.

2:00pm to 3:30pm

Basic Vegetable Fermentation with Meg Chamberlain
Learn the basics about fermentation. This class covers the concepts, tools and techniques, as well as the benefits of home fermentation. Discussion includes self-brining and brined-fermenting techniques. Bring a Mason jar with a lid and take home a sample!

Processing Acorns with Osker Brown
Acorns served as the predominant staple food for our species for millennia. In this class we will discuss all aspects of harvest, storage, processing, and cooking this abundantly available high quality food.

Sleep Matters with Patricia Kyritsi Howell
Deep, restful sleep is critical for physical and mental health. If you struggle to get a good night’s rest, herbs can help. Learn how to create an effective, easy sleep plan  using herbs.

Falling for Pollinators with Jill Sidebottom
How do pollinators overwinter? How can you help them be more successful at it? How can you increase their numbers next spring? Learn about what’s going on in western NC with our favorite insects — native pollinators — and how to make them a welcome addition to your landscape.

Seed to Seed – Completing the Garden Circle with Angie Lavezzo
Angie will walk you through the seed to seed cycle for squash, tomatoes, beans and basil. Discover the skills and confidence to grow the crop and save the seed this year. Practical advice, tips and demos for the home gardener and seed saver.

Wild Foods Preservation with Abby Artemisia
Discover the joys of foraging plants and herbs in the wild. Once harvested, explore drying, canning, and preserving. This fun and tasty class will cover cooking and storage techniques. Wild recipes included!

Introduction to Truffle Farming with Brian Upchurch
An in depth introduction to the mystical world of truffles. This program will examine the emerging market for the ‘Black Diamond’ of culinary flavoring. The topics will cover the unique requirements for growing truffles, truffle species, host tree species, orchard establishment & maintenance,, harvesting (no pig required!), and marketing.

4:00pm to 5:30pm

Seasonal (and Simple) Cooking with Sunil Patel
Enjoy the harvest season with one of OGS’ perennial favorites, transforming the season’s bounty into simple culinary delights.

Making Mead 101 with Marissa Percoco
This ancient art mixes honey with fruit, flowers, roots and herbs to create beverage bliss. We’ll cover handling, harvesting, and preparing ingredients including ratios and qualities of sweeteners and yeasts, and bottling and storing. The focus is on wild, open, and cultured fermentation.

Four-Season Composting with Brian Rosa
Compost improves soil while managing organic residuals. Increase income from selling surplus compost and/or increased production supported by compost-improved soil. Learn the basics of how to compost, methods, and utilization.

Wild Mushrooms: A Taste of Enchantment with Alan Muskat
Can some mushrooms really prevent and cure cancer? Aren’t most mushrooms only edible ONCE? Join us on a tour of the edible and incredible as the country’s stand-up mycomedian separates fungal fact from fiction.

Growing Herbs for Market with Bill Chioffi
This class will explore the reasons why we need more local growers in Western North Carolina and how that can happen. What does the industry look for? How do you market product? What niches need to be filled? If you are interested in growing herbs for profit, Bill can guide you on a path to this community.

Fall & Winter Chick Care with Meagan Roberts
Join Meagan Roberts and the feathered members of her flock for a hands-on poultry experience. Learn to evaluate, handle and care for poultry. Topics covered include: breed selection, bird evaluation, housing, nutrition, production and more! Designed for both the back yard flock raiser and the small production farmer.

Worms for Living Soil with Mary Ann Smith
Composting with worms is a simple process that produces super-enriched soil amendment.  Come learn not only the basics about worms and worm composting, but also the science behind successful gardening with worm products.  The magic is in the microbes!


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